Thursday, January 26, 2012

Liberal monopoly-pusher Jim Bradley will be cutting health-care coverage

Looks like Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, and their Liberals are going to cut healthcare again.
Yeah: you've read it correctly: Jimmy'N'Kimmy's Liberals are once again (as Smitherman had previously done) poised to delist previously covered health care - this is the same recycled, deceptive old Michael Decter/ Bob Rae-style canard of 'we're saving health care by cutting health care".
Let's remember those clowns in Niagara who happily voted for this monopolist Liberal scumbag Bradley; hope they're satisfied with Bradley's Liberal incompetence.
I'm sure that Niagara's Liberal-friendly press barons 'Wendy Williscraft and Mike Metcalfe' are already carefully planning pre-emptive ways to not interview their local Liberal Jim Bradley about any of this, and to not bother examining how a deceptive Bradley for years had ominously fear-mongered about 'harris' - yet, Bradley ended up doing the exact things which he (...along with Niagara's helpful Bradley-booster press...) had sanctimoniously fear-mongered that 'harris' would do!
The St.Catharines Standard, certainly, will be spinning their stories any which way they can [...''lookit, lookit: Drummond made them do it! McGuinty and Matthews had no choice!!"] in order not to examine the last thirty years of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's failing deceptive allegiance to Tommy Douglas.

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