Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Kyodiot's Suzuki sings back-up harmonies for Liberal GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley

Looks like Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley's symbiont David Suzuki took another smelly green dump in the St.Catharines Standard on Jan.11, 2012, spreading more GreenFear about Bradley's aborted Kyoto love child.

BTW, when you read Maria Babbage's Jan.6, 2012 CP report  which mentions Jim Bradley belatedly whining to the feds about Kyoto (Bradley and Suzuki are singing from the same hymn book), why is it that Babbage did not ask secretive Jim Bradley to reveal his specific scientific evidence of AGW, which Bradley has apparently had in his possession for some twenty years, but has never publicly revealed ?!

Babbage, in her report, did not actually interview secretive Ole Liberal Jim Bradley!! All Babbage apparently did was react to some letter which Ole Jimmy sent to Federal Environment minister Kent and the Globe and Mail.

We weren't told in the story: did Babbage try to contact Jim Bradley? Or - as usually is the case with the Liberal-friendly stenographer/reporters in Niagara - did Babbage just give up, and simply rehash whatever boilerplate partisan tripe Bradley had written, instead of obtaining an actual interview with him?

Reporter Babbage would have done all Canadians a great public service, had she managed to get onto the public record, once and for all, the specific scientific evidence which twenty years ago had convinced Ontario's chief Liberal GreenFear-spreader Jim Bradley to push his non-sensical political green bolshevism.

How is it, that even da clueless Kyodiot Liberal 'da proof is da proof is da proof Chretien' had no proof of AGW; yet, somehow - over the course of two decades - no-one has bothered to ask Ole Jimmy?!

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