Tuesday, January 3, 2012

McGuinty is sporting a legacy of Liberal debt

Further to my previous post about Ontario's premier Liberal liar Dalton McGuinty's little secret agent mission in 2009...

...we now have this subsequent brewing fiasco as reported in the Jan.2, 2012 Toronto Sun:

" The numbers are shocking since it’s taxpayers plugged in to receive the shock.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has been put on notice that 2015 Pan Am Games costs are skyrocketing and accountability is urgently needed.

“The magnitude of the total taxpayers’ exposure should wake up those involved to the fact that major TO2015 restructuring must be done,” wrote Paul Henderson, the very man who lobbied for the Pan Am games to help future athletes.

Now he says “costs will, when all taxpayers’ exposures and student taxes are totalled, be at least $4 billion.”

That’s a lot of cash for a two-week party few care about.

Henderson wrote “in these difficult times, consultants, and others looking for jobs, will tell the various political arenas what they want to hear not what they should be clearly told.”

He’s certainly telling them how he feels it is.

And if he’s correct, the games, which includes $1-billion for a Portland’s athletes village, are already $1.6-billion over budget. The original cost was pegged at $1.4-billion.

If accurate, Toronto should cut its losses now and walk away from this obscene waste of money that benefits hardly anybody.

“Ontario, along with the federal and municipal governments, have given TO2015 a mandate to deliver on time and on budget,” assured Lise Jolicoeur, on behalf of the premier. “TO2015 have submitted a business plan which is currently under careful review.”

Hope it’s not the people governments put in charge of spending hall of fame members e-health or the G8/G20.

Mayor Rob Ford has told me he won’t allow “a gun” being put to Torontonians heads when push comes to shove. It’s refreshing because we all know when these unnecessary construction projects are at risk of coming in late, politicians will throw around our money to make the deadline.

Meanwhile, Henderson offers savings that “would approach $750 million and possibly $1 billion.”

These include saving $300-million by running the PanAm and PanPara Games simultaneously, from July 31-Aug. 16, and use more existing facilities which do not require major installations. He said using Varsity Stadium for athletics would save on building a new $75-million stadium at York University, employ more temporary stands and make stadiums closer to the Athletes Village.

He also suggests to “review over-the-top facilities” including the “two major white elephants” in the “swimming pools and velodrome..."


I'm sure Wendy Metcalfe's laughable gang of "Wrong-Righters" at the St.Catharines Standard will be asking their Liberal buddy Jim Bradley all about that, eh........?! After all: what's any of this got to do with Ole Liberal Jimmy?! There're no wrongs needing righting here!! hahahaha

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