Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liberals take a piss on Ontario taxpayers

There was a grrreeat editorial cartoon in Wendy Metcalfe's wrong-righting, Kinsella-defying St.Catharines Standard on Jan.21, 2012. This Dolighan cartoon - a real classic, it's on page A6: you oughta see it - showed Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, wearing his comfy red ermine-trimmed  robe, with "MPP" monogrammed on the back, standing at a urinal, taking a piss on Ontario's tax payers.
It was a real good choice for a cartoon by Wendy's right-wrongers!
They even showed a roll of toilet paper hanging out of Jimmy's ass, listing all the $$ billions $$ which Bradley's Liberals have wasted in Ontario, from their ORNGE fiasco, to their Samsungian GreenFear enviro-bolshevism, to their eHealth incompetence, to their OLG scammery... on and on it went.
The cartoon even showed Liberal MPP Jim Bradley laughing with derision as he's pissing on Ontario's taxpayers, while, you see, he and McGuinty are pissing away our tax dollars!
What an incisive and timely cartoon, from Wendy's proud gang at the Standard!
We are sure, now that we have this grrrreeat cartoon of Jim Bradley giving taxpayers his Liberal golden shower, that Wendy's wrong-righters will soon be following up with indepth stories about the size of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's own "Gold Member Pension"!!
Why, we're sure that Wendy Metcalfe is already working on letting readers know how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley got his unlocked golden pension, when other Ontarians were locked out, and how many salary increases Liberal Jimmy got, when others didn't.
For sure, that's what the Standard is busily working on... right....? hahaha

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