Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hypocrite Liberal McGuinty has been cutting health care in Ontario

While McGuinty's smug Liberals are whining about the feds' health-care transfers, why hasn't anyone bothered to ask Dalton or Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about how Ontario's Liberals were cutting their provincial hospital transfers  in St.Catharines?

And: that was occurring under the existing Paul Martin 'health care solution for a generation' arrangements (having nothing to do with any of the current squabbles) and under the new-cash-flow auspices of McGuinty's 2004-created multi-billion-dollar hated Health Tax!!

One would think that the St.Catharines Standard's Wendy Metcalfe and her self-appointed gang of laughable wrong-righters would bother to remember their own FLICKING story from just a year ago, from Jan, 15, 2011, and examine what McGuinty and Jim Bradley were doing to their own hospital budgets, in context to what the smarmy, sanctimonious McGuinty was just recently spinning on the federal stage

But Niagara's wrong-righters haven't interviewed local Liberal hack Jim Bradley about his Liberal health care cuts, have they?!!

Nope: best not to dim Jim Bradley's carefully-constructed impeccable Liberal aura with pesky questions about ideological contradictions... ... hey: lookit!! Jimmy's shilling coke rain barrels! That's fun! Let's go see!!!! haha

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