Thursday, January 19, 2012

Badawey recycles his 'Niagara South mini-monopoly' bandwagon

Further to my earlier post...

As reported in the Jan.19, 2012 Standard, it's interesting to see failed McGuinty-Liberal candidate Vance Badawey now jumping on his own recycled bandwagon, to create another health fiefdom, an NHS-South, citing the reasons for the failure of health care in Niagara being that the NHS is currently too big - which doesn't quite explain why Ontario's Liberal-run monopoly health care is systemically failing everywhere else. But no matter; anything to spin the blame on the NHS, and not on 8 years of failed McGuintyist Liberal monopolism.

Yes, that's right: the new smoke-and-mirrors "solution" is to create a new bureaucracy out of the old failing bureaucracy - this is exactly the statist's preferred way of  perpetuating the same old status-quo by shifting the problem, not by acknowledging it (or even recognizing it!); it's just the perfect answer for getting sanctimonious well-meaning Liberals to busily "fix" problems which other sanctimonious well-meaning Liberals had busily created in the first place - a perpetual make-work project for busy well-meaning sanctimonious Liberals.

Will we see a new McGuinty-stacked LHIN overseeing Badawey's new 'Southern Son Of The NHS' health-nirvana, as well, or will the same old Liberal-appointed LHIN hacks be administering this fledgling monopolist fiefdom on the Lake Erie shore - y'know, the same Liberal LHIN which CREATED THE CURRENT NHS HIP IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!?

What spin from these politicians; their hypocritical cry is not acknowledging that their Liberal monopolist ideology has failed; it is that they don't have enough monopolist bureaucracy yet!!
This old idea of breaking up the NHS also has Liberal MPP Kim Craitor's stink all over it, seeing as Craitor had advocated the same thing in the pre-HIP days; upon which Smitherman laughed and rewarded Craitor's efforts by forcing the NHS to create the HIP.

Niagara's lefties seem to overlook all that: y'know, while blaming 'harris' and 'sevenpifer'!

Liberals Kim Craitor, along with Smitherman, are the dead-beat co-fathers of the Liberal-LHIN-created HIP in Niagara, which Badawey doesn't seem to acknowledge as he pushes for his new Mini-Me-NHS bureaucracy, to supposedly "solve" the problems which Badawey's own Liberal colleagues created in the existing NHS!

The catch-22 duplicity just rolls along...

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