Thursday, January 19, 2012

Liberal Jim Bradley is the GreenFear-mongering enviro-goof putting Ontario in peril

Garnet Bloomfield Ilderton wrote in "McGuinty's Mickey Mouse ideas just plain goofy" (Beacon-Herald, Jan,19, 2012):

"Premier Dalton McGuinty and his great adventure have entered into la la land. First there was the great discovery of smart metres then the curly light bulbs followed by the sun pads and then came the big grounded whirly birds. All of these fads were supposed to greatly assist in his race to be politically correct and solve our energy problems at the same time. Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter, in his recent report, has questioned the rush into these programs of renewable energy without good solid research taken into consideration or what the likelihood would be of success or failure of these programs. Maybe just good old fashioned horse sense would have served Dalton much better.
The best description of our present provincial situation could be that we have a Mickey Mouse operation with Goofy running it."

Well, Ontario's environment minister is the cartoonish Jim Jimmy J.J. James Jimbo Bradley, aka Mr.Kyodiot.

Bradley has not yet been asked by anyone to respond to McCarter's recent report, or to Gord Miller's recent report, about the blowback from Bradley's Liberal GreenFear fiasco!!

Secretive, slippery Ole Jimmy gets away with this regularly!

Just yesterday, the local Niagara paper in Jim Bradley's own riding of St.Catharines did a fine butt-kissing story fawning about Ontario's environment minister shilling Coca-cola rain barrels at some save-the-planet-from-doom GreenFear-mongering event; yet, reporter Fraser - when he had a chance -  couldn't be bothered to ask Bradley about his costly failed Liberal GreenFear-instigated energy experiments!!

Was this reporter ordered by his bosses at the St.Catharines Standard not to question Liberal Jim Bradley?

As has become blatantly clear, Niagara's local press bends over backwards to accomodate their local Liberals. As we saw at yesterday's feel-good-Jimmy photo-op, there is no questioning Jim Bradley's failing Liberal policies and politics; just loyal stenography and blind GreenFear-biased acquiescence from the Mickey Mouse press.

Actually, it is McGuinty and Bradley (and their cheerleaders) who give Disney's good characters a bad name.

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