Thursday, January 19, 2012

Liberal Jim Bradley's toxic barrel of GreenFear

Funniest thing, to see Ontario's environment minister Jim Bradley, freely propagandizing his GreenFear yet again in the pages of the St.Catharines Standard (in "Putting the fizz in water conservation", Jan.18, 2012) with "reporter" Don Fraser obligingly writing snippets of what Ole GreenFear Jimmy said, without asking any questions at all about Jimmy's pronouncements.

Yep: Ontario's environment minister Bradley came out to stand as a photo-op prop at some save-the-planet rain-barrel sale...

(...btw: Bradley was shilling old plastic Coca-cola syrup containers! Note how very interesting it was that Liberal environment minister Jim Bradley - Ontario's greatest hater and demonizer of carbon dioxide - didn't say one damn word about the gas contained in Coca Cola's carbonated soft drinks; you know, the gas which makes the "fizz", which the Standard cleverly (but ignorantly) referred to in their headline.
What gas is that, Jim??!
Why did McGuinty's environment minister Jim Bradley demure from slamming Coca Cola's toxic planet-murdering gasses?! 'Cause Bradley's shilling their discarded syrup holders as save-the-planet rainbarrels?!
And why didn't "reporter" Don Fraser bother to ask?! heh heh heh...)

...incoherently blabbing his greenshevism that "Even though we have a lot of the years go on, the population increases and climate changes (so) we're going to want to conserve as much water as we can".

Really Jim?! What specifically do you mean? Or are we just all supposed to nod knowingly and bow our heads in silent deference to Ontario's great Kyodiot, Ole BS Bradley?

Naturally, the Standard's stenographer Good Ole Donny Fraser couldn't think of even one question to ask Good Ole Environmental Jimmy about Enviro-Jim's claims and general GreenFear-spinnery! Fawning: well done!!

Why didn't the Standard's Fraser - when he had the chance  - actually ask Ole Jimmy why his Liberals are re-releasing old reports about the supposed "safety" of their GreenFear-instigated wind turbines??????????????????!

Looks like more Metcalfian wrongs have been righted by the unofficial standing committee to reelect Jim Bradley St.Catharines Standard!

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