Friday, January 13, 2012

40 C. difficile patients dead in continuing Niagara outbreak

As was reported by Richard Hutton...
(under the headline "Second C.diff death at GNGH", published in the Jan.11, 2012 printed edition of  Niagara This Week; the same story also appeared dated Jan.6, 2012 on NTW's web version)
...there have now been a total of two C. difficile deaths in Niagara's second outbreak, in addition to the 38 C.diff deaths which occurred in the first outbreak.

...[Note: as I had previouly written about here, the Dec.28, 2011 St.Catharines Standard had reported that 37 patients had died during the first outbreak; this differs from Niagara This Week's  Jan.11, 2012 report that 38 had died during the first outbreak. What's that discrepancy all about?
Niagara's first C.difficile outbreak was declared on May 28, 2011, and lasted for 5 months, being declared over on Oct.24, 2011, with 37 (or 38?) dead.
Niagara's second C.diff outbreak was declared on Dec.8, 2011; on Dec.20, 2011, the first patient (of this second Niagara C.diff outbreak) died.]...

So: 40 Niagara patients are dead of a disease...
(which local MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor's Liberal government told us in 2008 not to worry about, that everything was under control, and, that no independent inquiry was needed into the already-then HUNDREDS of C. diff deaths occurring throughout Ontario)
... yet, what "investigative journalism" does the St.Catharines Standard decide to do?

Well, the Standard's self-appointed 'wrong-righters' are not investigating the political crime scene at the NHS, and the McGuinty Liberal's complicity by enforcing a no-patient-choice health-care monopoly while concurrently deceiving trapped-taxpayer-patients; nope, the Standard sent Doug Herod on an important mission to "investigate" how wide the seats are at the hockey rink.

Wow...! Excellent, Wendy... just grreaaat: 'Fer Gaia's sake, let's do everything we can not to ask Jimmy'N' Kimmy anything specific about anything specific! Can't have that!!'

Maybe Herod should measure the length of Ontario premier Liberal liar Dalton Pinocchio's nose.

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