Friday, January 20, 2012

Liberal Jim Bradley: public enemy of health-care reform

John Brackenbury wrote in "Canadians want to talk about private health care" (National Post, Jan17, 2012):

"It is in the national interest for Canadians to identify the enemies of health-care reform and crystallize their motives in our minds. For consideration I wish to put forward the health-care unions, which enjoy the current monopoly on health-care delivery.
Supported by forced contributions from their members, they warn against, "American-style blah blah blah" every time the subject of reform comes up.
On Saturday's Letters page, five university professors..." [see here]  "...assert that Stephen Harper is out of touch on health-care reform and "the vast majority of Canadians strongly support" the status quo.
Help me, Post readers, to understand what their motivation would be for such vehement opposition to any kind of reform. Do they just hate their grandchildren, or what? We really really need to have this discussion now."

Well: two of the "enemies of health care reform" in Niagara are certainly Ontario Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor - along with the rest of Dalton McGuinty's gang of single-payer-pushing monopolists at Queen's Park. ['American-health-care bashing' was Jim Bradley's rhetorical touchstone!]

Many more enemies are in the Liberal-friendly press, protecting Liberals such as Jim 'I hate doctors' Bradley from any discussions, whether on his failed Liberal health-care monopolism or his failed Liberal GreenFear-mongering kyodiotry.

It's 'all settled' to them, therefore, no "discussions" are needed...


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