Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jim Bradley's fairy-tale is actually a Liberal nightmare

A Sudbury Star commentator wrote in "McGuinty's fairy-tale comes to an end":

"Dalton McGuinty got elected by promising Ontario that it could afford to spend lots more than Mike Harris. People believed him but it is becoming increasingly clear that he spun a fairy tale.

Ontario' debt is higher that all the provinces with McGuinty having doubled it since his election.

According to the Toronto Star on January 19 ("Dalton McGuinty and ministers brace for cuts"), "Premier Dalton McGuinty and his ministers are steeling themselves for a grim new era of cutbacks."


Because they overspent.

Ontario would not need cutbacks if spending had been kept under control. But McGuinty allowed spending to spiral in a frenzy of waste, pay-offs to his friends and a record provincial debt.

Now McGuinty says "one of the ways that we can turn this challenge into an opportunity is to understand that there are, in fact, ways that we can spend the dollars more efficiently.”

Duh. He discovers this now?

Suddenly it's important to spend taxpayer dollars "more efficiently."

Note to Dalton: it is always important to spend taxpayer dollars efficiently. McGuinty's own words are a clear admission that he has been wasting our money all along.

It is becoming clearer than ever that Dalton McGuinty has provided us with one of the worst governments in our history.

He promised Ontario could afford more but now he plans to give us less. He now wants to give us the exact opposite of what he promised during last Fall's election campaign.

This failed government needs to go. The only question now is whether the NDP will vote in the Legislature to prop it up."


This is also St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's fairy tale coming to an ignoble, hypocritical, disastrous, painful end.
Bradley and his two-faced Liberal liars were the ones who floated to power by smearing 'harris'.
Here, right in Niagara, Liberal MPP's Bradley and Kim Craitor also 'got elected by promising Ontario that it could afford to spend lots more than Mike Harris'.
People believed Jimmy'N'Kimmy, but now we see what a long-con-scam their slimy Liberal fairy tale had been, all along... more like a Liberal nightmare...

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