Friday, January 20, 2012

Reactionary non-innovator McGuinty wants 'innovation' cash!

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There were two more interesting letters in the National Post, Jan.19, 2012:

"Note to premiers: Federal $ won’t buy innovation

Jeff Spooner wrote: 
Re: Premiers Ask: Should PM Be At Health Talks?, Jan. 16.
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s proposed health-care innovation fund — financed by the federal government and now backed by Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty — is an insult to all Canadians. What Messrs. Wall and McGuinty are saying, is that it has never dawned on them up to now to be innovative, and since they didn’t have money in an envelope marked “innovation,” it wasn’t going to happen.
Even a street con-man would laugh at what these two Premiers are trying to sell the federal government, and by extension the citizens of Canada. If this is what passes for the braintrust that will solve our health care problems, we are in trouble.

Dr. Charles Steele wrote:
“Innovation,” as proposed by Canada’s premiers, is nothing more than “more of the same” on how to extend a failing Roy Romanow system. When Dr. Brian Day was head of the Canadian Medical Association, he suggested that the premiers should buy tickets to Europe to study their successful health-care systems — a mix of public and private care. Canadians deserve better; now is the time to act."
The same monopolist, lying, statist-status-quo enforcing Ontario Liberals, who failed to "innovate" in health care for 8 years (...unless you count new health taxes and corresponding cuts to previously-covered-care as innovative...) now want more federal tax cash to... um... "innovate"?!

What a joke.

One "innovation" which Ontario's hypocritical Liberal hacks McGuinty, Jim Bradley, and Kim Craitor could try, is to desist from spreading their toxic, failing Liberal health care duplicity.


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