Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paternalistic Jim Bradley and pensions

Brian Miller (London Free Press, Jul.19, 2007) asked in his letter to the editor:

"Why is the government allowed to take such a paternal attitude toward pensioners? MPP's unlocked their own pensions, why can't the voting public do the same?...In 1999, (Bill 27) 61 MPP's voted to unlock their own pensions. The 61 included current minister for seniors, Jim Bradley."

'Paternalistic' and 'we-know-what's-best-for-you' is what Liberals are all about!

 Look at the paternalistic (authoritarian, no-choice) Liberal healthcare system in Jim Bradley's Ontario, where patient-hostages are being denied treatment by his healthcare monopoly, while concurrently being denied the choice of obtaining other healthcare payer options. Since June of 2007 - when Dalton McGuinty's proroguing Liberals closed down Queen's Park and ran away just before the "Colle-gate" slush-fund scandal hit the fan - the flicking Liberals have engaged in an unprecedented daily frenzy of announcements, giving away money and promising anything to anyone in order to buy their vote.

St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim (James J.) Bradley is the minister responsible for seniors, but what's he done about the well-known fact that his Liberal government pays less to feed seniors in long-term care homes than it does to feed prisoners in jail? Jim Bradley has said, as a good Grit, that tax cuts are foolish. But of course, we've seen how the Liberals spend those taxes - without transparency, without account, as the Auditor of Ontario has found.

These Liberals simply can't be trusted to lead nor run a government.

Jim Bradley, MPP since 1977, was a prominent cabinet member in the 1980's of the smug, scandal-ridden and disgraced David Peterson Liberal government, and today we're seeing the re-make of that horror movie: 'GRIT DEJA-VU II' , all over again. ('Starring an all-new cast of conniving, ingratiating and duplicitous Grit tax-grabbers. Also appearing, J.J. Bradley as "yesterday's man", with all of his scary disco-era, Trudeaupian lefty bag-of-tricks')

As much as we wish this was all just a bad movie which could just be flicked off and returned to the video store, this is real, and it is the Liberals who have told us, literally and in no uncertain terms, to "FLICK-OFF".

It's time to lower the curtain on this Liberal McGuinty-Bradley vaudeville act.

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