Saturday, August 25, 2007

McGuinty's hypocrisy on advertising

Further to James Wallace’s St. Catharines Standard column (Aug.25, 2007) “McGuinty’s hypocrisy on advertising”, let’s not forget how our local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley blustered in opposition accusing the Tories of “blatantly partisan” advertising. (St. Catharines Standard, Mar.30, 1999). Back then, Bradley indignantly called for the provincial auditor to investigate the same kind of advertising his Liberals are engaging in today! Back then, Bradley was whining about the Tory government: “They are pouring tens of millions of dollars into self-serving, blatantly political advertising.” (Toronto Star, May 12, 2003) But look at what Bradley’s Liberals are doing today! The internet apparently doesn't count as an advertising medium! When you go to Bradley's Tourism Ministry main website, you're greeted at the top of the page with photos of a beaming Bradley and a squinty McGuinty!

The St. Catharines Standard (Aug. 2, 2003) reported that Bradley was upset about a government energy report, saying: “It’s partisan and it’s an illegitimate use of taxpayer’s money.” But now, in August 2007, that’s exactly what the Liberal hypocrites are doing themselves! The Standard reported then that calls to Conservatives Bart Maves and Tim Hudak “were not returned.” What about now, in August 2007 – as Bradley’s Liberals are engaging in the very same tactics they railed about in opposition – will the Standard write a story asking Bradley or Niagara Falls Liberal Kim Craitor to return calls on this issue? Has anyone as yet bothered to call these Liberals? Or are we trying to prevent any undue embarrassment to the incumbents prior to an election?

The St. Catharines Standard’s editorial of June 14, 2003, stated: “We applaud the effort by Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to introduce a private member’s bill to regulate government advertising.” The Standard wrote that when a government’s “message carries a not so subtle reminder to voters that the services are due to the government in power, that’s where such advertising crosses the line…Bradley says he will introduce the bill if the Liberals win the next election. We’re going to hold him to that…”

Well, let’s see – the Liberals, sadly, did win the 2003 election; Bradley became a cabinet minister; four years of broken promises went by; then McGuinty shut down the House three weeks early this summer and ran away from Queens Park – so, what chance is there, by now, that Bradley will do what he said? Was Jim Bradley, in essence, blatantly lying to the St. Catharines Standard?

I’m still waiting to see what the Standard actually means when it says “we’re going to hold him” to his promise.

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