Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Smitherman's Liberal promises: no end in sight, and the 2007 campaign hasn't even begun!

A story headline in the St.Catharines Standard (Aug.28, 2007) read: “Tory pledge to cut spending draws comparison to Harris”. Perhaps soon we’ll also see headlines such as: “McGuinty pledge not to raise taxes draws comparison to Pinocchio”, or: “McGuinty’s Liberal government scandals draw comparison to David Peterson”!
Health Minister George Smitherman said on the St.Catharines Standard’s website (Aug.29, 2007) that “people are smart enough to know” that the Tories can’t “axe the nearly $3 billion-a-year health care premium”.
But, didn’t Finance Minister Greg Sorbara (who approved $32 million in questionable grants in the “Colle-gate” scandal), just recently (and coincidentally) announce a “surprise” pre-election budget-surplus of ‘nearly $3 billion’? Does Smitherman think people aren’t ‘smart enough’ to see the connection? Or is he counting on the fact we just don’t care? Didn’t the Liberals refuse to put their ill-gotten health ‘tax/premium’ cash specifically into a separate healthcare account, instead choosing to dump the money into general revenue? Is it just coincidence that they found general-revenue cash for priorities like building arenas throughout the province and giving away millions in un-applied-for grants?
George Smitherman himself created a two-tier health system in Ontario by cutting coverage AND raising taxes! Isn’t Smitherman the minister responsible for the health system which is now denying patients treatments, while his Grits brag about surpluses on one hand, then, that they need more money on the other?! Isn’t Smitherman the Minister of Health who once referred to our optometrists as terrorists? Didn’t Ombudsman Andre Marin call Smitherman’s Liberal-run healthcare a “cruel game”?
Step back a moment to see what McGuinty, Smitherman, Jim Bradley, and their Liberals have done, and that is create an undeniable record of broken promises, which, astoundingly, they are re-hashing and asking us to believe AGAIN!
In this election, we have a chance to ‘flick-off’ the lights on their vaudeville-act.

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