Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey Michael Moore: Bill Clinton used, not Canada's, not Cuba's, but America's health system!

So former American president Bill Clinton was in Toronto in May 2006 calling the U.S. health system a mess and warning Canadians not to let the "health-care finance tail wag the health-care dog."
What does that then say about Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty's healthcare monopoly, which continually relies upon sending ill Ontarians to the States for treatment that his Liberal system cannot provide at home? The Liberal's own health minister, George Smitherman, admitted last August: "If you look around Ontario, you can use the word 'system' all you want, but we don't have one."
While Clinton wags his finger at Ontario's $34 billion (apparently non-existent) system, is he aware that his family dog can get access to an MRI faster here than a citizen can? Does it matter that, in July this year, 100,000 Niagara residents - out of a population of some 450,000 - don't even have a doctor?
When Clinton had heart surgery at New York's Presybyterian Hospital/Columbia, did he meekly wait in line for messy, sub-standard, government-rationed service? We didn't see him pick Canada as his top medical choice.
If renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland Heart Clinic, or the Mayo Clinic are the evidence of a messy system, then that's the kind of mess that Canadians can only aspire to. R. Bobak, Pulse Niagara, Aug.17. 2006

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