Friday, January 21, 2011

The "problem" is Jim Bradley's monopolist Liberal government

Despite The St.Catharines Standard's Jan.21, 2011 editorial, "The problem isn't the NHS, it's the Ministry of Health", the fact is - though the St.Catharines Standard is loathe to admit it - that the "problem" isn't the Ministry of Health.
The "problem" doesn't end simply at the feet of the MoH!
If it could only be be that easy!
The Standard can't fathom that Liberal monopolist health-care statism is the 'problem'.
The Standard, in early 2011, can only offer more editorial band-aids (as they did in 2007 here; and as they did in 2010 here) claiming that all would be better if only the state would 'direct dollars to where they are needed most'!
That's it?
Well, I guess McGuinty and Deb Matthews will get right on that, now that they know what to do!!
Talk about pretending to not to be advocating for the diseased failing, government-monopoly-controlled status-quo!!!
What about allowing patients to direct their own money to where they need it most?!
Is that scenario - whereby the single-payer-pushing government is deprived of its monopoly status - too difficult for the Standard to contemplate?!
The problem is that Dalton McGuinty's Liberals are secretive, incompetent, ideological, single-payer-monopoly-pushing demagogues.
They run the show, the only show, the monopolist show.
They enforce a bloated, self-serving, non-competitive health-care-monopoly, cheered on by the monopoly-loving-media.
If the MoH really is to blame, then why should we take Kalvin Reid's word for it? Why doesn't the Standard get the people ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE to tell us themselves that the 'MoH is the problem'?!
Where is St.Catharines secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley? Hiding in his lair, protected by his trusty Cone of Silence? Why is Jim Bradley not mentioned in this editorial?
We need answers from Bradley.
And we expect that at least someone from the St.Catharines Standard could try to get their head out of Bradley's stinking ass AND ASK HIM THE TOUGH QUESTIONS. Why this devotion to being Liberal cheerleader/apologists?
Does Bradley think the MoH is the 'problem'?
Does Bradley think the NHS is the 'problem'?
Does Bradley think the LHIN is the 'problem'?
Does Bradley think Kim Craitor is a 'problem'?
Does Bradley think that his own Liberal health-care-monopolism is the 'problem'?
Does Bradley think his Liberals' arbitrary health-care cutting - while blaming others, as the Standard neatly did - is the 'problem'? (When has the Standard last "lambasted" Jim Bradley??!!!!!!!!)
Does Bradley view Smitherman's Liberal-created LHIN as a 'clandestine insulator'?
Does Bradley think that his Liberal-created health care tax (not "premium") affected the NHS's deficit? {Dalton McGuinty himself admitted that his Liberal health-gouge was a "tax". Somehow, the St.Catharines Standard seems to forget about that.}
Where did the NHS "deficit" come from - was the NHS spending money loosely like some proverbial drunken sailors, or, was it spent on patient care?
Is this deficit not in any way related to Bradley's Liberal-instituted monopoly-health-care cuts?!
Was the NHS's recent deficit a 'surprise' for Jim Bradley?
Does Jim Bradley believe that the NHS was NOT underfunded for the last seven years?
Was Bradley expecting, perhaps, a surplus...?!
Where - specifically - did Jim Bradley expect that the the NHS could have cut, say, 3 to 4 million more last year, to help 'balance' their Liberal-underfunded budget?
Doesn't Jim Bradley remember that Dr. Jack Kitts himself said in Oct.2008 that the HIP plan would NOT stop the NHS's deficits?! (Yet Bradley's Liberals FORCED the NHS to implement the HIP cuts anyway.)
For that matter, did Jim Bradley ever publicly reveal his views on the Kitts HIP report, back in the fall of 2008 - before the HIP was actually implemented by the NHS under force from Bradley's Liberals?
Oh... and doesn't Bradley remember that it was his own Liberal-created, Liberal-appointed, Liberal-controlled LHIN-bureaucracy which gave final approval to the HIP - after Dr. Kitts' made his changes - and then ordered that the NHS (under CEO Sevenpifer) implement it - to save money?
Doesn't Jim Bradley remember that Smitherman was very pleased with the cuts he forced onto the NHS, as was Smitherman's successor David Caplan, who refused to re-evaluate or rescind the HIP, when there was still time to do so, prior to Bradley's Liberal government shutting down two of Niagara's emergency rooms??!
Doesn't Jim Bradley recall any of that?
Why didn't Bradley ever recommend that the NHS be placed under provincial supervision years ago, allowing the Ombudsman open access to its finances and operating structure?
What did Bradley have to hide by preventing open Ombudsman access to the NHS?
Did Bradley have any problem with Sevenpifer's performance as NHS CEO all these years?
Did Liberal cabinet member Bradley know ahead of time that Sevenpifer was to be fired?
Has Bradley told us the specific reason why Sevenpifer was fired, but not the rest of the NHS board?
The St.Catharines Standard can't really tell us... looks like this is all a cozy secret.
It's best not to ask too many questions.
Especially of elected scumbags such as Liberal Jim Bradley... after all, Jimmy's got nothin' to do with any of this here health-care stuff...
It looks like Sevenpifer was a made a patsy for McGuinty's disgusting Liberal health-care monopolists.
The rest of the racketeers have circled the wagons. Their cozy monopoly must be protected at all costs - literally.

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