Thursday, January 20, 2011

McGuinty's Liberal Party gladly took tax-payer cash from public utilites

{further to my earlier post}

Now we see, once again, how McGuinty's disgusting Liberals get their fundraising - from more public utilities, as seen in this Toronto Star story, Jan.19, 2011, describing how in 2008-09, McGuinty's Liberal Party took $17,500 taxpayer dollars as a political donation from Oakville Hydro! What a scam! What corruption! What disregard for tax-payers!
This is the duplicitous party of proud, health-care-cutting Liberals such as Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor.
...and as we can see, Liberal hack Kathleen Wynne is now using her office as Ontario's Premier, to personally interfere and agitate in the 2015 federal election  campaign.
The Liberal Party of Ontario is using the premier's office for partisan purposes, in order to act as not-so-discreet-fifth-columnists, cheerleading for federal Liberal hack Justin Turdeau.
This is how taxpayer-dollars are indirectly siphoned and distributed to influence-peddle in Ontario.

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Michael said...

It sickens me to know that the people of Ontario got fooled by this Dalton character a second time...
I was not fooled by this crook since I have never voted for Liberal in my life and never will.