Thursday, January 20, 2011

McGuinty conveniently forgets about Niagara's Liberal-created ambulance problems!

Here's a nice piece of Liberal-ass-kissing from the Toronto Star's Martin Regg Cohn who accepts without question Dalton McGuinty's slimy “When was the last time the Toronto Star wrote about backed-up ambulances? "rhetoric.
Cohn didn't quite check back with an answer.
What Dalton didn't ask Cohn was "When did the Toronto Star last write about our Liberal government's dictatorial decision to close two hospital emergency room in Niagara?"!
When did the Star write about ambulances backing up at Niagara's emergency departments, because Liberals arbitrarily cut health care in Niagara?
Hopefully, the Star's answer for Dalton would be never, if we can help it!
And it was hilarious how matter of factly McGuinty stated that Rob Ford was elected out of fear - as if that wasn't exactly how McGuinty himself got elected, when he fear-mongered incessantly about Harris?! Torontonians were right to be afraid of McGuinty's lackey George Smitherman!
Isn't McGuinty's Liberalism of the utmost unblemished purity?!
What a two-faced, slimy, duplicitous Liberal scumbag.

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