Saturday, January 29, 2011

Iggy, the kitten-eating Liberal devil? Huh?

Strange little column by John Ivison "Deep game, or just in deep" (National Post, Jan.28, 2011) where Ivison writes about the "popular misconceptions" being bandied about during this latest spat of election fever in Ottawa. Ivison's column was entirely focused on federal politics; nothing in this column was about provincial politics. Yet Ivison himself writes this cute li'l disingenuous misconception:
"...But the Conservatives have learned from bitter experience that campaigns are unpredictable and they could just as easily lose seats because some over-served backbencher calls the Liberal leader an evil, reptilian kitten-eater..."
WTF?  That was about Liberal Dalton McGuinty - from the 2003 PROVINCIAL election, Mr.Ivison!!
That had NOTHING to do with federal politics then, or now, in 2011!!
When Ivison mentions  "the Liberal leader", who the hell is he talking about??!! (It ain't Iggy!) Which "Conservatives" ?! Which "over-served backbencher" is he referring to?!
Ivison conveniently neglects to mention that in 2003 Iggy wasn't even living in Canada; having left the country some thirty years earlier.
Funny that Ivison couldn't be bothered to mention that, eh?!
Yet, Ivison managed to throw in the 'kitten-eater' quip, which has nothing to do with any federal election, nor with Ignatieff. [see: here;  see here ]
It's not as if Ivison doesn't know this entire story and its context, for cryin' out loud: he himself wrote about it in the National Post in 2003!
Wow: so Ivison now dredges up an eight-year-old joke, which was unrelated to any federal election and unrelated to Iggy, yet conveniently manages to overlook sulphur-smeller Ignatieff's recent odious innuendo about Harper being the devil?! Hee hee hee! Nice drive-by, Mr.Ivison! See: hereherehere.
Why didn't Ivison remind us of that smarmy remark by an "over-served" Iggy?! If the kitten-eater remark was worthy enough for Ivison's narrative of the unpredictability of rhetoric and its relation to seat-losses, why didn't he include Iggy's devilish remarks? That ain't relevant?!
Astounding how Ivison mixes apples and oranges here, picking one quote from an unrelated provincial incident and applying it federally to another situation altogether. This is Toronto Red Star-worthy "journalism"; we expect better analysis in the National Post.
There was this drool response from Peter Varley to Ivison's column in the Jan.29, 20011 Post: "I deeply resent John Ivison's suggestion that, as the author of the "Evil Reptilian Kitten Eater from Another Planet" quip from the 2003 Ontario election, I was "an over-served backbencher." I was in fact an over-served backroomer"!
The 'kitten-eater' reference was a completely relevant quip playing on Ontario's then-opposition leader Dalton McGuinty's admitted obsession with the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series. The lib-left howled in outrage, as they would if anyone today called Iggy the devil - which he might be. Lookit how the federal Liberals know, and admit they know, that Harper - as he has said on numerous occasions - doesn't want an election; yet the sulphur-smelling Iggy [who knows this, and who claims he doesn't want an election either] nevertheless continues to goad the Conservatives into calling one. Isn't that what devils do?! (Just askin', Mr. Ivison!!)
This is the same disingenuous Liberal Iggy who tempts the electorate with grand promises, frequently rattling his election-call sabre - and who then (as did the laughing stock Stephane Bumbledore Dion before him)  folds his rhetorical lawn-chair and votes for the government budgets anyway. How devilish of Count Iggula to pretend that the last five years of Conservative budgets had nothing to do with his Liberals; as if the Conservatives weren't a minority government which Iggy's Grits have continuously propped up! Fiendishly clever!
As far as the 'kitten eater from outer space' joke goes,  its concept is still as relevant to McGuinty now as it was then; in fact, we now see that this "joke" was prescient. We have had the misfortune of seeing how McGuinty's other-worldly Ontario Liberal government has been a hellish disaster of lies and incompetence since 2003: the concept of truth and responsibility - as we since seen - were always alien to McGuinty's Liberals.
And, hey: on that basis, the same joke can now be recycled and could just as well apply to Ignatieff!
So, thanks then, for bringing it up again, and making the connection for us, Mr. Ivison.

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