Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hold your noses: Ignatieff's "Can You Smell Me Now?" tour coming soon to a town near you!

hahahaha... Iggy's at it again, pooping out another stinking pile of policy - now, as the National Post's Matthew Pearson reports, Iggy wants to grandly fund 'young' Canadians' overseas travel to internationalize an entire generation - what liberal poppycock - what outlandish nanny-state elitism! Are we going to also pay for these agents of internationalism's stays all the best Hilton hotels; and eat at the best restaurants, as well? Ignatieff wouldn't want these Agents of Internationalism to be deprived of such luxuries, would he? What idiocy - and this crap is the crap of St.Catharines Liberal nominee Andrew Gill's Liberal party, as well. Does Andy support this ridiculous shit?
Pearson's article says that Ignatieff "spent more than twenty years living and working in in the United Kingdom and the United States." I recall earlier articles which had different estimates of how much time Iffy had been 'internationalizing' abroad - for instance, the Toronto Star's Rob Ferguson, in the article below, reported that Ignatieff had just moved back to Toronto in Dec.2005, "after almost 30 years abroad".

Maybe some of the donut-chompin' reporters tagging along with Ignatieff's Can You Smell Me Now? cross-Canada tour can get an exact answer from Iffy of how long he's been 'internationalizing' abroad.

Rob Ferguson wrote in "Liberal switches camps; Riding president says he'll back Conservative, Move follows uproar over Ignatieff nomination" (Toronto Star, Jan 21, 2006):

"In a defection designed to damage Liberal candidate Michael Ignatieff, the president of his Liberal riding association in Etobicoke-Lakeshore endorsed Conservative rival John Capobianco yesterday.

The controversial process by which Ignatieff was acclaimed the candidate over local hopefuls - ruled ineligible by the party at a raucous meeting Nov. 30 - was a major factor in the decision, said Ron Chyczij, who sought the nod himself.

"After the nomination fiasco, I've purposely waited on the sidelines to see if Michael Ignatieff can in some way redeem himself as a credible Liberal candidate," Chyczij said in a statement.

"This has not happened."

The move comes as candidates in the riding - held for 12 years by retiring Liberal MP Jean Augustine - begin a final weekend of campaigning before Monday's vote, which is expected to be close.

It's not clear how Chyczij's defection will affect Ignatieff - disgruntled Liberals have been protesting for weeks - but "it's not exactly going to help," said one Liberal who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Ignatieff's camp disputed that view and said Chyczij hasn't been on the sidelines.

"He's been the organizer of some of the protests and conspiring with Capobianco," said Ignatieff's campaign manager, Sachin Aggarwal.

Chyczij, who also quit as riding association president, could not be reached for comment. He has not been involved in the Conservative campaign, Capobianco said.

"I was quite surprised, and pleasantly," Capobianco said in an interview, adding Chyczij's reasoning echoes "concerns we've been hearing at the door" from voters.

Chyczij said he'll vote for the Conservatives because they are "the only major party on record to openly declare that they would end the practice of 'parachuting' candidates."

Toronto-born Ignatieff returned to the city last month to teach at the University of Toronto after almost 30 years abroad. He does not live in the riding.

Chyczij said the "last straw" was controversy about the views of Ignatieff, a former human-rights professor at Harvard University, on the Iraq war, torture and ethnic groups.

Ignatieff, the author of 16 books, supported the U.S.-led Iraq war but has denied that his writings support torture of suspects in the war on terror and slander ethnic groups like Ukrainians.

The riding association is dominated by Ukrainians, who hoped to field one of their own as a candidate.

While he threw his support to Capobianco, Chyczij also said New Democratic Party candidate Liam McHugh-Russell shows promise.

"Both have a clearer vision of what is important to the residents of the riding," Chyczij wrote."

... as we have so sadly seen, this charlatan Ignatieff is still clearly out of touch, not only with what is important to his own riding, but now with what is important to Canadians.

His policies and his methods reek of political manipulation and condescension - his elitist noble sneer is palpable in whatever this guy says - he's just not a believable persona; his rhetoric is tiring and uninspiring, comprising of stale-dated crap leftover from Stephane Bumbledore Dion's asinine Greenshift Tour fiaso from the summer of 2007. Yeah - at least Iggy is recycling Bumbledore's failed old rhetoric, how, um, green...
And Iggy's stupid sulphuric sarcasm is so-unflattering - to himself! Iggy should be smart enough to get that - but, as Kelly McParland wrote in "Not as smart as we thought" - Iggy just isn't.

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R.Bobak said...

...oh, yeah... uh, well... I guess it's worth mentioning: Ignatieff not only LOST the election big-time (what an embarrassment - and how well deserved!!)
But Iggy also lost his own seat in Etobicoke south!!! Thank you... thank you to all who saw through Iggy's Liberal slime, and kicked his Liberal party to the curb.
I wonder: did Ignatieff EVER bother to actually return to his riding one last time after the election, or did he immediately vanish to the south of France??