Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where has Crapface Bradley vanished?

Did you like that Dewar funneee cartoon in the July 16, 2010 St.Catharines Standard, where a white male, with an American flag shown behind him, is shown sitting with a beverage, watching TV, ignoring all the BP news, but getting up and flapping his arms when the "Alberta Tar Sands" are mentioned? That's funny - who is this guy supposed to be, Dewar - is it that incompetent gasbag eco-tax fiasco-FLICKER, Liberal MPP John Gerretsen? (why would Gerretsen have a US flag in his room?!)

Is it Gerretsen whom Dewar is portraying?

Isn't McGuinty's enviro-bag-boy John Gerretsen the same greenshevik who was dumping all over Alberta in Copenhagen, just at the end of 2009, along with Jean Charet and Pink David Miller?!

This incompetent Liberal boob should be fired for this eco-fiasco sneak-tax of his - but McGuinty is unable to recognize incompetence, regularly confusing it with Liberal policy.

oh, and did you like Julie Greco's July 19, 2010 column Seniors, asthma sufferers feeling the heat? No mention was made in this column about HOW MANY Ontarians - and specifically how many Niagarans - are dying each year due to smog and heat. Oddly, no mention in this column either, of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley!!

Odd, because, of course, when Golden Boy Jim was in opposition, smog and heat wave deaths were carefully and dutifully mentioned in the green-hysteria-pushing-media at every possible opportunity.

Jim Bradley and his Liberals were always being quoted in stories about how under the evil Conservatives, hundreds of people were being killed due to smog! Yep, Good Ole Jim Bradley blabbed about Nanticoke and about shutting coal plants and about all the things his Liberals would (apparently) do (it was a lie), and the press eagerly reported it.

Now - Nanticoke is still open, Jim Bradley and his McGuinty Liberals have been blatantly lying through their teeth for almost a decade, and people are still dying (aren't they?!) - but you wouldn't know that by reading the Jim-friendly spin in the Standard.

Eco-tax disaster?

Why should the St.Catharines Standard bother to tell its readers what Jim Bradley has to say about that?!

Nanticoke's still open??

What's Jim Bradley got to do with that!!!?!

Why should the Green Propaganda Team bother to ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about his Liberal government's latest fiasco? (Their July 19 column completely avoided any reference to the imploding-Liberal-political-reality all around them [no mention about Jimmy or his Liberal eco-tax]; they were writing about 'Scarpface', at first look it appeared their column might be about 'Crapface' Bradley... maybe next time...)

It's best to leave Good Ole Jimmy out of all this!

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