Thursday, July 8, 2010

What does Liberal-friendly propaganda look like?

above: What does Liberal-friendly propaganda look like?
Becky Day's report in the July 7, 2010 Niagara This Week fits the bill nicely.

Liberal energy minister Brad Duguid's platitudes and sketchy claims are parroted without question; Jim Bradley also predictably pops up in a photo-op, yet, curiously (!!) Bradley is not even mentioned in Day's article.

Where is the critical analysis of Duguid's do-gooder greenshevism? Why: THERE'S NONE!!!!
Nothing whatsoever in this pseudo-news article about the McGuinty Liberals' Green Energy disaster, and the ongoing lies and deceptions perpetrated by Duguid's and Bradley's Liberal government.
What specific "tough decisions" is Duguid referring to?! Neither reporter/stenographer Day nor Duguid, tell us.

What specifically is this "new economy" which Brad Duguid refers to? Is Duguid's ideal (fantasy) "new economy" the same one which Anatole Kaletsky wishes upon us, ie. the kind of statist-nightmare Peter Foster wrote about in his July 8, 2010 National Post column, "Statism 4.0"?
After years of lies from Dalton McGuinty, now Duguid claims all coal will be "phased out completely" by 2014. yeah, sure... [Check out more about Liberal Brad Duguid's expensive gas-plant lies]

Did you think that the St.Catharines Standard was the sole member of the Liberal Jim Bradley Fan Club?!!

C'mon: Williscraft and his gang at Niagara This Week let puff-pieces such as this slide by without blinking! What's to question here, right?! It certainly wasn't a "tough decision" to run this "story", eh?!

Yippeee: 'Niagara's the Green Energy Capital of Canada' - whatever the hell that means - because some Liberal greensheviks and some hangers-on say so? Because Phil Ritchie says that 53 trillion dollars are to be spent on climate change and bla bla bla? Oh, Phil, really... c'mon... stop drinking Bradley's kool-aid.

Here's what Walter Sendzik (a Liberal-appointed LCBO board member... nice, eh??), Jim Bradley, Brad Duguid, Chuck Holt, and Phil Ritchie weren't talking about:

 - they weren't talking about the issues which Parker Gallant wrote about in "Is this 'smart'?" (National Post, July 7, 2010) [same day as Day's NTW Liberal-slanted piece]

- and they weren't talking about Tim Shufelt's report "Ontario solar program in disarray" (National Post, July 8, 2010)

No, they were all smiley in their Liberal-friendly echo chamber, patting each other on the back, glowing in their GreenFear groupthink, pretending that Smitherman's Liberal energy fiasco is some kind of grand success.


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