Friday, July 2, 2010

McGuinty's secretive Liberals, once again, hide from scrutiny in G20 'secret law' fiasco

Finally, on July 2, 2010, Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar, Dalton McGuinty, spoke up about his G20 'secret' law - see Globe and Mail; see CBC.

Not surprisingly, Dalton McGuinty feels Ontarians deserve no apology from his government, and (again, no surprise from these secretive Liberals) McGuinty doesn't feel that any inquiry is necessary, either.

Civil rights violations - under McGuinty's Liberal government?
Feh - why should we bother to look into that?!!!!!!

Police chiefs inventing new laws, and pretending that new powers are in place?
Feh - why should we bother looking into that?!!!!

Provincial and Municipal officials - knowing that there were NO 'NEW' LAWS applicable outside the security perimeter - nevertheless coyly keeping that fact secret from the public?
Feh - why should we bother to look into that?!!!!

Proud lefties McGuinty and David Miller have ignored and downplayed the many reports of unconstitutional police searches which occurred far from the supposed 5 metre inner (!!) side of the security zone fence.

McGuinty and Blair have also said that ads (about the law which McGuinty's Libs passed on Jun.2, 2010) were placed in "the newspapers" - so, does anyone know which newspapers?
Were any of these ads placed in, say, the Toronto Star, or, the Toronto Sun?

Because by reading these two papers, it seems that NO ONE - including the reporters who work there - even knew about this law!!!

Then, think about this:
Let's say that all these 'millions' of flyers (about the law change) were sent throughout Toronto, as Blair said;
and let's say that all these ads were placed in the newspapers, as McGuinty said;
then: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT TORONTO'S POLICE CHIEF HIMSELF COULDN'T CLARIFY THESE LAWS - SEEING THAT THEY APPLIED ONLY WITHIN THE SECURITY ZONE? Didn't the Chief, or his boss Miller, or any of their advisers, read any of these "public" ads??!

If the temporary G20 security law was clearly meant to apply ONLY WITHIN the security zone - and if it indeed WAS made public (as both McGuinty and Blair claim) - then how is it possible that Blair somehow still believed that the powers extended on both sides of the security fence??!!

How is it that Miller allowed this mis-perception by his own police chief to remain unchecked?!

How is it that McGuinty and Bartolucci allowed this mis-perception to fester without public clarification? Were McGuinty's spin doctors already on vacation for the weekend?

And yet McGuinty doesn't feel that Ontarians are owed any explanation or apology!!

This is disgusting - McGuinty, Miller, and Blair misled Ontarians.

For whatever individual reasons (reasons which should now be publicly examined) each of them deftly danced around the truth and conveniently withheld information which would have corrected Blair's Jun.25 mis-reading of this supposedly-publicly-posted law. More importantly, setting the record straight immediately would have helped to prevent inflaming the excessive outrage which this 'secret' law fomented in the minds of many protesters.
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