Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ombudsman's report into Niagara LHIN will be released Aug.10, 2010

Further to my previous post, CKTB's Siobhan Morris reported on July 27, 2010 that the Ombudsman's office is finally set to release the findings of its (limited by Liberal law, it must be noted) investigation into the Niagara-Haldimand LHIN. This report was supposed to have been released early in 2010:

"Ombudsman to deliver LHIN report next month.

After a 16-month investigation, Ontario's ombudsman will deliver his report on the decision making process of our LHIN August 10th.

Andre Marin launched the review of the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network on March 24, 2009.

It started after Marin received dozens of complaints about LHIN actions--from residents, community groups, health care providers and MPPs.

Many were
[sic] about the Niagara Health System's Hospital Improvement Plan.

That is the plan that converted E-Rs in Fort Erie and Port Colborne to Urgent Care Centres.

Marin's look at the LHIN was supposed to focus on alleged problems with the process, like complaints there was not enough consultation and the decisions made.

We still do not know when the Chief Coroner's Office will start it's inquest into the death of Reilly Anzovino.

She is the Fort Erie teen whose death her family says might have been prevented if ERs in Port Colborne or Fort Erie had been open.

18 year old Anzovino died December 27, 2009, after a crash at Highway 3 and Nigh Road."

Once Marin's report is released, we'll see how our local media avoids focusing on obtaining any in-depth response from the likes of health-care-monopolist Liberals such as MPP's Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor. And far be it for anyone to question George Smitherman's role in the Liberal fiasco known as the "LHIN" - why, GeorgieBoy's got nothin' to do with any of this; he's running for mayor of Toronto, trying to get Pink Dave's old job, doncha know; and anyway, what's Smitherman got to do with the LHIN's??!

It's not like George Smitherman - McGuinty's disastrous Liberal health minister - had ANYTHING TO DO WITH CREATING THEM !!!!

Ha ha ha ha hee hee ha haaaaahaaaaahaaahaa... bwahahahahaHAHAHA!!

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