Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

Below: as seen on Jul.21, 2010, the demolition continues along Colborne St. - the building whose wall is now exposed (and the next in line to be torn down) is 87-89 Colborne St., which lastly housed My Thai restaurant.
As can be seen by comparing to my earlier post, in the period from July 10 to July 21, six more buildings have been demolished:
- 73-75 Colborne St. - centre-part of the 1870-built Bellhouse block; lastly Zorba's restaurant
- 77 Colborne St. - east-end of the Bellhouse block; was Flood Jewellers in the 1960's and 70's
- 79 Colborne St. - Pattison building, built 1874; lastly a blessing centre
- 81 Colborne St. - built around 1871 known as the Howell block, lastly Harvey E. Flood Jewellers
- 85 Colborne St. - Whitney building, built ca.1880; was Adams Furniture in the mid-1970's

below: Jul.10, 2010 - a little further to the east from the above photo, still looking at the south side of Colborne St.; the Art Stanbridge Walkway (covered in plywood to protect its glass canopy, and temporarily closed to pedestrians) is in the left-centre distance. Immediately to the east of the walkway another building (at 115-117 Colborne St.) is seen at the early stages of its demolition: the west-side of its upper brick wall and part of its roof have been torn down. This Georgian style building was built by James Moore ca.1850.

above: same view, Jul.21, 2010: #115-117 Colborne is now gone. It once housed the New Service Lunch and Tea Room in the 1930's.
Also, next to its east, 119 Colborne St. is now gone; and 121 Colborne St. is gone, and 123 Colborne St. is gone (see them here prior to demolition).

121 Colborne St. was where the Bell Telephone Co. had an office from the 1890's to about 1907. The exposed wall now visible is that of 125 Colborne St. The row of two-storey buildings from 119 to 129 Colborne St. were erected between 1865 and 1870 by John Laughrey.

So on this section of Colborne St. (the part east of the walkway), between July 10 and July 21, four buildings were demolished (with #115-117 being counted as one unit)


below: as seen Jul.10, 2010, looking from Water St. up at the rear of the buildings facing along Colborne St.
The large building at the right (with the green-painted lower level) is the building at 87-89 Colborne St. (lastly My-Thai restaurant). Part of the Zorba's restaurant building is at the far left.

above: same view, July 21, 2010: the buildings seen previously at the left have been demolished, now the buildings along the north-side of Colborne St. can be seen from this vantage point for the first time.

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