Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Smell My Inner Iggy"

Brian Lilley wrote in "Ignatieff's road trip stalls early" (Sun Media, July 14, 2010):

"With poll numbers in the toilet and rain greeting his every campaign stop, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s cross-Canada tour stalled on Highway 34 just outside of Hawkesbury, Ont., late on Tuesday.

Shortly after giving a speech to several dozen supporters, Ignatieff’s Liberal Express bus broke down on the side of the road. A broken transmission stalled the tour until a car could be brought in to ferry Ignatieff and media representatives to the next event in Cornwall. A second bus has now taken over.

The tour began with a send-off on Parliament Hill with about 100 Liberals cheering on their leader as rain pelted the front steps of Parliament Hill.

Ignatieff then took to the road, making a pit stop at a Tim Hortons to buy doughnuts before moving on to the eastern Ontario towns of St. Albert and Hawkesbury.

Along the way, the message was about bringing jobs back to rural Canada. The Liberals say that if they are to have a shot at winning back power they need to win rural seats again and move out of their base in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Ignatieff says a Liberal government would turn Canada back into a more caring society, telling supporters that he wants to restore the image of Canada “…as a beacon of hope, a beacon of human rights, a beacon of peace, order and good government, an example of tolerance to the world.”
What a pantload of Ignatieff's ignorant Liberal poppycock.
It's great to see Iggy Poop, Liberal elitist, now trying to manipulate Canadians into believing that Iggy or his Grits give a fig about rural Canada. This calculated ploy is at the cynical heart of Iggy's Liberal Deception 2010 Tour. Iggy's poll numbers are in the toilet because Iggy's policies are crap, smeared with elitist liberalism which Canadians do not care for. Iggy's persona and policies (such as they are) represent his egg-head academic detachment, smug disdain, and elitism.
Ignatieff's Smell my Iggyness Tour 2010 isn't changing this perception - it's only reaffirming it to Canadians and reinforcing the fact that Iggy is a disaster who should've been given a one-way bus ticket by his party back to Harvard, where he could pontificate and sneer and theorize with his liberal buddies at how dumb them farm hicks are, too stupid ta see da big picher... That's the real Iggy. Watching this disgusting charlatan of an urban cowboy pretending he's 'one of the little people' is painful and insulting. He's a FLICKING poser.
Listening to Count Iggula's endless rhetoric and cloying boilerplate speeches is already tiresome - and its only been a couple of days of Ignatieff's Smells Like Mean Spirit Tour !!
It's the same old vacuous Grit-shit, spewed by Icky at at one hicktown whistlestop after another, places which he is certainly glad to see the back of as soon as he gets back on his planet-killing, diesel-fume-spewin', anti-Suzuki bus. (Iggy's buyin' donuts? Yikes - call his Liberal health critic: why isn't Carolyn Body-Bags Bennett whining about how Canadians are all fat and condemning Iggy for being an enabler to the Fat Problem Of Canada? Did any reporter ask Iggy why he didn't get granola bars? Or are we to believe that Count Iggula is just a Good Ole Aw, Shucks Guy, and that getting the boys and gals some donuts shows that it is so?)
Michael Ignatieff doesn't explain the legitimacy of HIS OWN nomination in Etobicoke South.
How did all that subterfuge, back in the fall of 2005, happen, Mike?
How exactly did you fly in from Harvard to become an Etobicoke MP, Mike?
You coyly didn't talk about the Parachute Process then; so, now, as Liberal leader and aspirant to the top political office in Canada, will you talk specifically about how you were nominated into Etobicoke-Lakeshore??
Are any of Iggy's donut-stuffed reporter buddies asking?
Liberal manipulation worked out nicely for Iggy, eh?
After all, isn't Ignatieff's Smell My Putrid Policy Tour supposedly ALL ABOUT (as Iggy himself says) "the politics of manipulation"?
If so, then when will Michael Ignatieff, the carpetbagger from Harvard, tell us in his own words how his own Liberal party manipulated his nomination into the Etobicoke -Lakeshore riding? (...and we don't want a re-hash of the manipulated, white-washed propaganda version of Ignatieff's dirty ascendancy into power which you see - pardon, don't see - on wikipedia!!)
This Liberal piece of hypocritical shit should be held accountable to the same standards he sanctimoniously holds others to.
COME ON, IGGY: let's hear how your own Liberal party manipulated YOU into power.
Tell us about it, you sulphuric-spewin' slimeball.

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