Monday, July 19, 2010

Stop The Presses!! News Alert! Jim Bradley CANNOT be blamed - for anything!

An excellent letter appeared in the July 17, 2010 St.Catharines Jim Bradley Fanclub Standard, by Irene Boyle, headed [wait for it... wait for it... ...wwwaaaaiiit... ... ...]: "Bradley isn't to blame"!!

"Re: Put the HST blame where it belongs (July 6).

St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley is not to blame for bringing in the HST. The person to blame is Premier Dalton McGuinty, the real father of the HST. How does letter writer John Currey know the general public is complaining about the HST? It seems to me the only one complaining is Currey. There is nothing we can do about McGuinty bringing the HST to Ontario. Maybe Currey is angry because he's among those who have to pay more for gasoline at the pumps?

Jim Bradley is innocent.

I have my own business, and have worked with 15% sales tax, then 14% and now 13%, which is where the HST is. My customers have never complained about the HST. The HST is new to Ontario residents and they have to get used to it. Has anyone ever heard of just one person giving their approval to the HST? No, it was the entire Liberal party that voted to bring in this tax. When the next election comes up, please vote for Jim Bradley to continue being our MPP."

This is an excellent example of the delusion known as Bradley Syndrome, where you just can't fathom that your hostage-taker isn't your buddy...

Our Liberal bag of crap from St.Catharines - MPP Jim Bradley - HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE HST?!

Are you insane, Irene?


And we're supposed to swallow this Bradley bull? Jimmy also had nothin' to do with the LHIN's, the health tax, healthcare cuts, ER closures, the eco-tax, eHealth, the OLG scam...

Jim Bradley "is innocent"?!?!


[what...? how...? ...where do you even begin dealing with this level of misguided spin...?!!]

'We better get used to Jim's HST'?!!!!! 'Yer angry cuz ya hafta pay more fer gas': Where do these Bradley Bootlickers come from? I have no idea what Boyle claims she sells, but the bullshit she's peddling in the St.Catharines Standard is embarrassingly pathetic.

"There is nothing we can do about McGuinty" says this confused writer - who then goes on to shill for Shitbag Liberal Bradley, as if magically Bradley had NOTHING whatsoever in common with his political leader, Dalton McGuinty!!!!!

... wow...

Irene, Jim is part of McGuinty's Lying Liberals - a vote for Jim is a vote for more McGuinty Liberal lies.

Bradley is PART OF THE LIBERAL LIE!! Try as the Liberals might (and Boyle tries valiantly) they cannot separate Liberal MPP Jim Bradley from Liberal McGuinty's Liberal lies and Liberal incompetence. Jim Bradley is up to his stinking Grit ass in Liberal lies, deceptions and manipulations.

Jim Bradley is a significant part of the problem. St.Catharines residents can only do their part to kick McGuinty's Liberal scumbags out of office by voting local Liberal goon Bradley out.

"Jim Bradley is innocent"... innocent, I tells ya - Jimmy's got nuttin ta do wid ANY OF DIS STUFF!!

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