Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Liberal horror story

Love that new (again!) series "V", about those aliens, whose ships suddenly appeared hovering over Earth's cities, and who promise "universal health care" (ohhahaheehahahahahhhh: no shit - this was actually in the script!!!!!!!!!!!!) to us carbon-based lifeforms as an enticement to join their evil collective.

So, at long last the secret has been revealed: McGuinty's Liberals and Obama's Democrats were aliens, as many earthlings suspected, but just couldn't bring themselves to believe.

Why, these Liberals seem just so nice and all... telling us all those sweet things we love to hear, playing to our vulnerabilities, and promising to look after us like Big Brother... um... oh, pardon: like a big brother... yeh, that's better; they couldn't have an ulterior motive could they? Liberals don't, um... feed off of other people, do they?

This now explains why Dalton McGuinty became so perturbed back in 2003, when he was described (aptly, as it turns out) by the opposition as an evil reptilian kitten eater from outer space. (see here)

Who knew? We should have guessed. Their flickin' punitive carbon attacks were a dead giveaway that these Liberal Democrats were out ta git us! Federal Liberal Stephane Dion wasn't just a figurative space cadet: by the grace of Gaia, it turns out Bumbledore Dion actually WAS a space cadet. Dion's magical Green Shift ray-gun could have made vast amounts of wealth simply vanish, to reappear on the other side of the planet in some Kyodiot's pocket.

We should have confirmed that all of McGuinty's Liberal MPP's are indeed human, by, as the TV series showed, checking to see if each McGuintyite actually has a cranium behind the ear (and obviously, a human brain within...duh).

We already know McGuinty's Liberals are duplicitous, but, now we see that it's entirely possible that their bodies are just as much of an illusion as their policies; and that their only purpose on Earth is to coerce and co-opt us; to tax and enslave us; to make all decisions on our behalf which THEY deem are necessary; and as our self-appointed Masters, to leach off us as they deem fit.

Science fiction, you say?

How else can you explain that the Slithery Liberal Scumbag, Furious George Smitherman - one of the main players in McGuinty's billion-dollar eHealth fiasco - is now conveniently quitting [well, he's resigning from cabinet; the leach will still keep his MPP salary until March] provincial politics to seek his destiny (and expand Liberal influence) as a contender for mayor of Toronto?

Apparently, nothing sticks to this Liberal creature's slithery hide. It's unnatural.

This turd will destroy Toronto, as he has health care in Ontario. Run for your lives - or fight the alien scum. Time to make your stand.

A criminal investigation or public inquiry into Smitherman's role in the eHealth scandal can't happen soon enough.

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