Sunday, November 8, 2009

McGuinty's Liberal health monopoly is "out of control"

These interesting posts appeared on the St.Catharines Standard's Feedback, as seen Nov.8, 2009:

"tom simmonds (notl,ontario), 10 days ago

Hope you can help.
Wednesday morning, yesterday, CHCH Morning News reported that elective surgeries in the Niagara Region were being cancelled due to staffing shortages.
Can you shed any news on this story?

Newspaper Reply

The Niagara Health System is cancelling some elective surgeries. See story below. ---- Health system makes more H1N1-related changes As the number of people experiencing flu-like symptoms arriving in local ERs continues to climb, and the number of staff off sick is still above normal, the Niagara Health System made further changes to its operations Thursday. Those arriving at local hospitals and urgent-care centres will now be restricted to only specific entrances. Those not designated by the NHS as access points will be closed. When people arrive, they will have to use hand sanitizers at the entrance, masks will be made available for those who need them and information about H1N1 will be handed out. The NHS ask those who are ill not to visit patients at hospitals. The NHS is also continuing to cancel some elective surgeries to cope with some staffing shortages and better control the spread of the virus. Thirty-one pediatric surgeries over the next two weeks have been postponed. Nurses who would otherwise work on those operations have been redeployed to help those areas of the hospital system experiencing staffing shortages due to H1N1."

To which came this reply several days later, bringing into question the newspaper's reply:

"concerned (St catharines,On), 5 days ago

The NHS has been cancelling surgeries for months long before the HINI situation. Even though we have 6-12 month waiting lists for many types of surgeries, our surgeons have been told to restrict the number of surgeries they perform because the hospital has no beds.THis has more to do with cuts to budgets and the Prov govt mandate to all hospitals to avoid deficits. WE are never going to attract more mrdical talent to this area let alone retain our existing key surgeons if the NHS is reducing their effectiveness and income by 25-50%. The Provincial Health dept is out of control and so is the NHS."

The NHS has been cancelling surgeries, on and off, for years.

I've documented it here under dozens of "Liberal Healthcare Duplicity" links below. CHCH is welcome to examine them.

The Niagara Health System's bed shortage issue, surgery restrictions, nurse, doctor and staffing shortages, retention policies, underfunding and deficit politics, all stem from Liberal government decrees and Liberal monopolist single-payer policies.

The Dalton McGuinty Incompetent Government has knowingly caused and exacerbated these problems.

No mention at all was made in the St. Catharines Standard of local Liberal health care monopolist MPP Jim Bradley's answers to the above concerns. The uncomfortable impression is that the Standard is almost acting as Bradley's and the NHS's press agent.

What is Bradley's reply to the above issues?

Is anyone actually asking Good Ole Jimmy Bradley for a response??

Bradley has blabbed vague reassurances on ALL these very issues since 2003 - yet the problems in his Liberal state-controlled health monopoly GET WORSE.

Surgery "postponements" and "cancellations" were a regular occurrence in George Smitherman's and David Caplan's health monopoly, at the NHS and across Ontario, for years - now, under Deb Matthews, the Liberals and their sycophants have the flicking audacity to blame HN1 for their monopolist incompetence?!!


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