Sunday, November 8, 2009

More propaganda glorifying George Bernard Shaw

The St. Catharines Standard's Cheryl Clock wrote an interesting piece (Nov.5, 2009) titled "Up to scatch; Scott McKowen is the talent behind scratchboard art created for Shaw Festival and others".

Interesting, because, oddly, McKowen and Clock both fail to mention how George Bernard Shaw, that socialist Fabian bag of crap, denied that there was a hunger famine in Soviet-terrorized Ukraine; and they both overlook Shaw's despicable role as a willing Stalinist bootlick.

'Scratch' artist McKowen had access to all these cute pictures of Shaw from the London School of Economics (retch) to help him glorify Shaw's image; did McKowen happen to stumble upon any photos of Shaw walking by dying people trying to scratch food from the dirt as the Great Stalinist Future was being thrust upon them, with enablers such as Shaw acting as cheerleaders?!

That would a nice image for McKowen to cook up.

Ironic how on the opposite page from Clock's story was a large detailed sketch of the Berlin Wall, showing... umm... that the Socialist Dream was so Great, that so many Westerners wanted to join the Great Socialist Soviet Revolution, that a wall had to be built to keep all the Westerners out of the Utopian Iron Curtain (!)

Border guards were ordered to Shoot On Sight: Shaw would have loved the kind of socialism that built the Berlin Wall.

George Bernard Shaw: rot in hell, scumbag.

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