Sunday, November 29, 2009

The "truth" revealed at the St.Catharines Standard

above: St.Catharines Standard, Nov.27, 2009

Isn't it nice to see the St.Catharines Standard kindly providing a link to a site showing an edited-for-propaganda video about Sarah Palin?

The St. Catharines Standard didn't quite bother to mention whether this edited video was approved by Oprah Winfrey or her production company.

Why would this even be in the St.Catharines Standard? Is this news... entertainment... gossip... info-tainment? Or plain ole smear mongering? Nah... it's just "funny stuff"!!

Did the St.Catharines Standard publish a similar funny stuff piece, linking to any videos showing Barack Obama confessing his addiction to incompetency, unprotected sex, and a love of porn? The Standard can't seem to find, let alone recommend to its readers, any links to similar video confessions from Liberal Michael Ignatieff... or from Jack Layton... or Jim Bradley... or Al Gore... or ...


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