Monday, November 23, 2009

Ignatieff's 'nasty anti-semite' smearjob

Elizabeth Thompson wrote in "Iggy Targets Tory Flyers" (St.Catharines Standard, Nov.23, 2009):

"Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is calling for an overhaul of the rules that govern MPs' flyers, saying the Conservatives are abusing the privilege.

In a letter to Speaker Peter Milliken, Ignatieff said the number of flyers has increased "exponentially" and they feature "increasingly outrageous partisan propaganda."

"It is time to put an end to this toxic political abuse once and for all."

Ignatieff said MPs should only be allowed to send flyers to their own ridings, should not be allowed to group their mailings together with those of other MPs to bombard a riding, and the party leader should be required to endorse the contents.

The Conservatives, however, say the Liberals have to answer for some of their own flyers, including one featuring First Nations children and body bags, and another depicting a tattered Maple Leaf.

"The fact is that it is Michael Ignatieff's Liberals who have a lot of explaining to do when it comes to sending out offensive and aggressive material," said Fred DeLorey, director of communications for the Conservative party.

The controversy centres on "10-percenters," one of two types of flyers that MPs are entitled to have printed and mailed at taxpayers' expense. They can be distributed to 10% of a riding's households and be sent out as often as an MP wants to any riding they choose.


It is Iggy's blustery, desperate bullshit which is increasing exponentially.

Iggy doesn't explain why his Liberals send their Poop-O-Gram ten-percenters to other ridings, such as St.Catharines - see More Liberal Poop-O-Ganda: here.

It's OK , though, when Iggy's Liberals bombard other ridings with their Gritshit; when it's sent by the likes of cross-burning hallucinator Hedy Fry or Carolyn Body-Bags Bennett.

Iggy should know about anti-semitic outrage, when HE HIMSELF doles it out.

Ross Romaniuk wrote in Just Astounding (Winnipeg Sun, Jun.19, 2009, here):

"Alleged "anti-Ukrainian" statements by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff have come under attack by Manitoba's senior Tory MP, while Grits are hitting back with a charge he's playing dirty.

Vic Toews, Treasury Board president and MP for Provencher, has issued a constituency pamphlet which highlights statements Ignatieff made in his 1993 book Blood and Belonging, about post-Cold War nationalism.

"I have reasons to take Ukraine seriously indeed," Ignatieff, an academic of Russian descent who had long lived in the U.S., wrote in the book.

"But to be honest, I'm having trouble. Ukrainian independence conjures up images of embroidered peasant shirts, the nasal whine of ethnic instruments, phoney Cossacks in cloaks and boots, nasty anti-Semites."

Toews, whose parents and grandparents were born in Ukraine, said yesterday the Grit leader's written comments are shocking -- particularly in light of Canada's large Ukrainian population.

"How could he call them anti-Semites, and on that basis say they shouldn't have their own nation because it's somehow an artificial nationality?" Toews told the Winnipeg Sun.

"To deny the entire existence of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, it's just astounding."

'Part of a pattern'

However, Liberal MPs Anita Neville (Winnipeg South Centre) and Borys Wrzesnewskyj (Etobicoke Centre) are slamming Toews for what they say is an attempt to take Ignatieff's comments out of context and "drive a wedge" between Canada's ethnic communities.

Neville said such "unseemly" tactics are "part of a pattern" with Toews and the Tories, while her Toronto-area Grit colleague pointed out the party's leader addressed his book's content during at least one meeting with Ukrainian-Canadian leaders in Edmonton this past February.

"And he expressed his apologies and regrets for the wording that he used," Wrzesnewskyj said.

"And he made it quite clear ... of his tremendous respect for the Ukrainian-Canadian community and for Ukraine."

But Toews countered by saying he "invites Ms. Neville to explain the context" of Ignatieff's book to Canadians.

And he noted his stand is supported by award-winning U.S. writer and Ukrainian nationalist Myron Kuropas, who in 2005 criticized some of Ignatieff's public comments as "anti-Ukrainian."

Jill Fairbrother, spokeswoman for Ignatieff, said the Liberal leader has expressed "profound respect for the contribution" made by Ukrainian-Canadians to the country, and has committed to reinstating staff cut under the Tories at an embassy in Kiev and to opening a consulate in Lviv, Ukraine.

Marco Levytsky, editor of the Ukrainian News in Edmonton, echoed the Liberals' argument the leader's statements have been misunderstood.

"It was a rhetorical exercise that he used," Levytsky said of the controversial statements, adding Ignatieff recently admitted to using "processes that were wrong" in the book and apologized for it."


"Allegedly"!! Heh!

Did you pick that up, at the top of the story?!

When you hear Michael Ignatieff's nasally whine and phoney, back-tracking sincerity, you will see a Liberal willing to drive an electoral wedge anywhere he can, even if it means outrageously smearing a nation with the brush of anti-semitism. But as we've seen with Iggy's waffle-making - here; here; here; here - what Iggy says, conveniently for him, isn't always what Iggy means, or even what Iggy does.

Poor, cunning ole Iggy's 'processes' are just 'misunderstood': understand??!

It must be gratifying to have good ole Borys there as an apologist licking Count Ignatieff's imperial boots, as Iggy jumps loftily through his, um... "rhetorical exercises".

I'm sorry that Michael Ignatieff is an anti-semite-baiting opportunistic Liberal piece of crap.

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