Friday, November 6, 2009

Deb Matthews should "investigate" her own Liberal ideology

I wrote earlier about Deb Matthews' selective outrage; now Antonella Artuso and Mike Zeisberger report in the Nov.6, 2009 St.Catharines Standard (photo above) that "Deb Matthews will investigate whether professional athletes elbowed their way to the front of the H1N1 line".
Deb's putting Ignatieff's Good Ole "Porn-Populism" to work! Let's git dem rich spoilt athletes!
Just where exactly was that "line" which the report suggested exists, but didn't/couldn't show?
Why isn't Deb Matthews investigating why 500 patients died of c. difficile in McGuinty's Ontario health-monopoly hospitals?
Talk about selective outrage!
Why isn't Deb Matthews investigating why the St. Catharines General Hospital was found by CIHI in 2007 to have the third-highest patient death rate in Canada?
Talk about selective outrage!!
Why isn't Deb Matthews investigating the link between these deaths and her Liberal government's health cuts?
Talk about selective outrage!!!
And you know that the same lefties who squawked "we don't need to investigate McGuinty's billion-dollar eHealth fiasco" will ignore the "costs" involved in Deb's great "investigation/witch hunt"!
Niagara This Week (Oct.29, 2009) can print Joseph Somerlea's letter accusing Conservatives of negligence causing patient death in Ontario - but Niagara This Week can't provide any evidence to support it's printed letter's outrageous claim?! It's funny how even the multi-million dollar Romanow Report didn't mention Somerlea's claim.
So let's ask:
Why isn't Deb Matthews investigating her own Liberal government and its entire cabinet - from Dalton McGuinty on down - to determine their complicity and criminal negligence in contributing to patient deaths as her Liberals underfund health care in Ontario, while at the same time forcing an onerous, no-other-patient-choice, state-run health monopoly?
Where else could those patients who were infected and killed by c.difficile in the Dalton McGuinty/George Smitherman no-other-choice health-monopoly have gone?
There was no investigation!!
Why was the St.Catharines hospital found to have the third highest patient mortality rate in Canada?
There was NO investigation!!
The local Liberal health care monopolist, MPP Jim Bradley, has never bothered to publicly explain why this happened in his own riding's hospital!!
Health monopolist Deb Matthews is mostly chagrined that her rigid one-line-or-else charade of an ideology was found to be great in theory, but not in practice.
Unflicking-real: this incompetent health-minister-monopolist now wants to 'investigate the athletes' ...hey, while you're at it, Deb, maybe burn them at the stake after your witch-hunt finds them - but not your own Liberal ideology - guilty.

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