Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where's the $43 million which the federal Liberals stole?

The St.Catharines Standard (Nov.2, 2009) carried Peter Zimonjic's story "Tory wants investigation to find missing $43M":

"Tory MP Dean Del Mastro wants support from opposition MPs to call in Auditor General Sheila Fraser to investigate where $43 million in missing sponsorship scandal money went.

Del Mastro will introduce a motion at the Commons ethics committee to this effect tomorrow. The Tories will need the support of one other party to have the motion carried.

The motion calls on Fraser to "conduct a full audit of the sponsorship program to determine which federal Liberal riding associations received stolen funds and to clarify for Canadians who received the missing $43 million dollars."

Del Mastro says he was prompted to introduce the motion because there is still no answer to where the money went four years after a report into the sponsorship scandal was published.

"A lot of money has been stolen from taxpayers in what justice Gomery said was an elaborate kickback scheme," Del Mastro said. "A lot of that money has never been accounted for and the trust of parliament is very important. It's time for justice."

NDP deputy leader Thomas Mulcair says his party wants to see the specifics of the motion but, if it's broadly in line with a call to investigate what happened with adscam money, his party would most likely support it.

"We're very much aware there are lots of unanswered questions on the sponsorship scandal and we're ready to employ whatever means are necessary to help Canadians get to the bottom of what happened to their money," Mulcair said." "

We need answers on exactly where the money, stolen from taxpayers by Canada's federal Liberals, was funnelled to.
You know, though, that will be those who will squawk indignantly at the "cost" of investigating where the federal Liberals stashed $43 million in stolen tax money; the same people can't bring themselves to support calls that Ontario's McGuinty Liberals also be investigated for squandering a BILLION DOLLARS at eHealth.
Apparently, we only need investigations into non-Liberal governments.

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