Friday, November 20, 2009

Media helped lard the flu-frenzy

When I read Joseph Hall's article "How they larded H1N1 facts with fear" (Toronto Star, Nov.20, 2009, see here) I was expecting to read about how Liberal opportunists Michael Ignatieff and Carolyn "Body Bag" Bennett spread fear along with their partisan-infested (here) politics during the media-fed-flu-frenzy last month.

But, yes, you are right - this was a Toronto Red Tsar report, after all, so Iggy and Body Bag Bennett weren't even mentioned.

No, it turns out that the "they" which Hall writes about - are generic "health officials".

Hmm... but, which health officials? Not the health official Schabas, obviously! And not Iggy or Body Bag Bennett? Who does that leave - not Deb Matthews, right? Nope, she's not mentioned. Gosh - who then could the Red Tsar be reporting that "larded facts with fear"?!!

Well - we don't know... The Toronto Star coyly, never really says!! Gosh - blaming Harper was just in their grasp...

But the Star sure helped sell a lot of that lard.

Interesting how the Star is now dismissing H1N1 flu fears as overblown (it took them this long?!!) yet the CBC is still spreading the lard: see here. (note: the CBC's larded link has since vanished!!)

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