Friday, November 20, 2009

Iggy's worse than Dion?! Time for the parachute.

" 'He has to go': critics " was the headline in the St.Catharines Strandard, just a year ago, back on Oct.17, 2008 (see here):

Grant Lafleche wrote:

"With a tone of sympathy, some local Liberals say its time to say goodbye to Stephane Dion.

The Liberal leader led his party to its worst electoral showing since 1867, losing 19 seats in the House of Commons in Tuesday's election and losing a large percentage of the popular vote.

"That loss of seats is a tremendous blow," Debbie Zimmerman said Thursday. The Niagara regional councillor and former Liberal candidate in the Niagara West-Glanbrook riding said the Liberal losses are an indication the party needs to refocus.

"Clearly, you cannot lay the blame completely on Stephane Dion and I think the Green Shift is a good idea for Canada," she said. "But I also think the party needs to take a hard look at itself and decide if Mr. Dion is the person to move the party forward." "

Here we are, in November 2009, and the Liberal King Iggy is EVEN LESS POPULAR (see here) than Stephane Bumbledore Dion EVER was!

Where is Lafleche's article now, asking local Liberals whether Michael Ignatieff 'has got to go'??

What - no interview today with local Liberal Zimmerman regarding Iggy's stupendous flame-out as the Liberal's once-new, now-stale wizard-leader?!

There was just a by-election in four federal ridings - where Iggy lost in all four ridings, gaining NOTHING!! Zero out of four!!

He's done worse than that bumbling doofus Dion, if anyone can believe it!! Isn't Iggy's dopey uninspiring leadership a "tremendous blow" to the Grits, Ms. Zimmerman? Who is Zimmerman going to blame this time, seeing that (hahaha) she couldn't bring herself to blame Dion and his Green Shift tax-grab last time?!

The Liberal brand has NOT refocused; the Liberals are still simply out of touch. Iggy's just as much a token Liberal seat-warmer, a caretaker - and a sloppy one, at that - as Dion ever was.

Liberals moved swiftly to put the knife in Dion's back - Bumbledore was gone as leader on Dec.10, 2008, when Count Iggy was acclaimed to the High Liberal Throne. But they just replaced one incompetent with another.

Dec.10, 2009 will be Ignatieff's first anniversary wearing the Liberals' Crown of Entitlement; it would also be a good date to hand Iggy his parachute back to academia.

Unless, of course, Liberals such as Zimmerman want Iggy to stick around, just so that this time they WILL have a fall-guy to blame as their rudderless brand self-destructs.

Does Iggy really need (or want) to become a patsy?

Ignatieff should take the advice Forrest Gump was lucky to get: Run, Iggy... Run !!


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