Thursday, November 19, 2009

The two-percenter's health-care solution

Ted Mouradian wrote in a letter (St. Catharines Standard, Nov.18, 2009) about how he had cut into a bit of his finger and so went to the former-ER, now Liberal-run 'urgent-care' centre, to have it looked after. Fine. He writes gushingly:

"We have a great health-care system and these new changes are for the better. In the old days I used to wait hours for the same type of treatment. Moving to the urgent care type of system is a good move.

It's times like these that I am proud to live in a country with universal health care; all I took out of my wallet was my health card. For my friends in the United States. I do hope you pass your health-care bill soon."

There's that good ole nationalistic/ignorant universal health care tripe emerging!

All he took out was his health card! How nice!

Is that the health card which McGuinty and company now underwrite, to the tune of a $25 billion deficit - yet (even after collecting MORE billions with their hated Health tax) still continue to UNDERFUND the NHS (Niagara Health System)?!

This is what the former 2004 federal NDP candidate now trumpets?

Mouradian should have helped pay for his 'kibbitzing' session with his own cash, as his great socialist predecessor Tommy Douglas had envisioned medicare to be. He wasted the health care system's time with his boo-boo, when other Ontarians are truly needing serious medical attention.

Obama-fan Mouradian's own 'two-percenter' attitude regarding his "friends" in the United States also shows his prejudice and misconceptions about what the health care issues really are in the States.

There are millions in the U.S. who don't want Obama's abominable "health-care bill" forced upon them.

Clearly Mouradian hasn't read this review of ObamaCare. It doesn't fit into his two-percenter mould.

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