Thursday, November 12, 2009

McGuinty's license to print money

Joe Warmington wrote in the Toronto Sun (Nov.12, 2009) about the McGuinty Liberal's "Support our Troops" license-plate cash-grab.
Warmington reports Sarbit Kaur, Harinder Takhar's adviser, saying that the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund charity (CFPAF) "will receive a royalty fee of $2.25 for every set of regular series plates sold with the yellow ribbon graphic, and $4.50 for every set of personalized plates."
The Sun worked these figures out: the CFPAF will get 2.89% of the $77.75 price the government charges for a regular-series set of plates; and get 1.43% of the $314.00 charged for a set of personalized plates. Kaur couldn't provide a cost breakdown on the plates, to see why the rates distributed to the charity are so low.
Maybe the Sun could contact Ontario's Transportation Minister, St. Catharines Liberal Jim Bradley, for an answer. Not that Jimmy would bother to reply.

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