Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bob Rae tries to sanitize Iggy's coalition complicity

Remember Liberal-socialist MP Bob Rae saying his party is committed to maintaining the home renovation tax credit?
Well, on Sept.18, 2009, Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff and their divisive federal Liberals voted against the home renovation credit! Iggy said that it felt good to vote against the government's measures!! Nice to know that, Iggy. flip-flop, flip-flop
The Liberal spin, several months later, will be that of course they supported it in theory, but didn't actually have to support it when it came time to do so, seeing as someone else would do their work - by actually (rather than virtually) supporting the credit - for them!
Clear as mud - as clear as this continuation to my earlier July 26, 2009 post about Liberal Michael Ignatieff pouring revisionist syrup on his coalition waffle:


Regarding revisionist Iggy re-writing his own complicity in signing and supporting Stephane Bumbledore Dion's Cuckoo Coalition, we now have pinko-Grit Bob Rae also spinning lies about Ignatieff's part in supporting Dion's desperate gambit for power during Dec. 2007.
Read it - and hear Bob Rae deliver his bald-faced lies/ distorted factual acrobatics - over at Alberta Ardvark in "Bob Rae lies about the coalition":


Apparently, we are now supposed to believe, as Bob Rae ridiculously says, that "there was no coalition with the Bloc".
We all know there was a three-party coalition, signed by The Three Stooges: Dion, Duceppe and Layton.
The technicality being used to absolve Iggy's part in Dion's coalition fiasco is that Iggy did not sign the actual main coalition agreement - as (obviously) he was not Liberal leader at the time.
So: by Iggy not having signed "the" coalition agreement (which would have been weird if he did, seeing that Dion was the leader!) are we now supposed to interpret this as somehow proving that Iggy did not support it?!
Iggy not only publicly supported Dion's coalition, he endorsed it by signing the coalition's letter to the Governor General.
To now attempt to sanitize Ignatieff's tarnished image, and to pretend that Iggy did not support and endorse Dion's three-party coalition - which included the Bloc all along - is an absurd splitting of hairs.

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R.Bobak said...

John Duffy (PM Paul Martin's former advisor), in the Mar.13, 2012 National Post (pg. A15) wrote that the Liberals

"have raised issues of process and style - such as Afghan prisoner treatment and the long form census - at times generating a genuine upswing.
Alternatively, a big-idea policy move was offered in Stéphane Dion's Green Shift, before inadequate stimulation of public demand, a poor selling effort, and the lack of a credible salesman turned a potential game-changing asset into an election liability.
In the most spectacular episode, the freshly defeated Liberals in 2008 sought to by-pass the election mechanism entirely and plunged into a coalition arrangement with the NDP and Bloc Québécois. The country was wholly unprepared for this development.
It turned out the Liberals were as well, and they essentially disowned the project halfway through its execution."
So, there ya go - even a top ranking Grit CLEARLY STATED that the Liberals HAD a coalition deal with the Bloc!
Funny thing is, the very same Post story was accompanied by a photo of coalition-denier Bob Rae!!