Friday, September 11, 2009

Niagara Falls Then and Now: Down by the Riverside at Chippawa

below: looking in an easterly direction along Bridgewater St. (running at the left) in Chippawa, just south of the Welland River Bridge. The Welland river is just on the left side of Bridgewater St., out of frame, hence the name Riverside Hotel. Date not known. Note the storefronts visible behind the hotel.
above: same view, Sept.1, 2009, the rear portion of the building is still operating as the Riverside Tavern.
below: looking from slightly further south. Looks like a nice neon sign was hanging off the corner over the sidewalk.

above: same view, Sept.1, 2009. The building that was next door to the right, the corner of which is seen seen in the two previous older photos above, has been demolished.
below: Feb.25, 1953 - looking at the storefronts at the rear of the Riverside Hotel (which is at the far right), from across Bridgewater St., seen in the foreground.
These storefronts directly faced the Welland River, which was just across the street.
There looks to be a River View Inn at the left; Connie's Lunch further to the right; and perhaps another storefront further right, behind the Riverside Hotel. These storefronts were clearly visible in the boat-scene part of Marilyn Monroe's film Niagara. These storefronts can also be seen in the first top photo.

above: Sept.1, 2009 - the storefronts behind the Riverside have since been demolished.

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GBC said...

Scenes from Niagara (1953) were shot here when Joeseph Cotton steals the boat.