Friday, September 25, 2009

Iggy ignores Ontario's rising Liberal deficit

Iggy whines about the deficit, then Iggy whines the Conservatives aren't spending fast enough, then Iggy whines that the spending is focused on Conservative ridings... hm, like helping bail out incompetent Toronto mayor David David Miller? Now that Davo is not running again, that's welcome news and a good riddance to bad garbage. Take your broom and shove it, Davo. However, slimy Liberal George Slitherman, the Liberal fu*kup health minister, is being touted as the new saviour of Toronto. That'll make folks wish for the good ol days of Miller!) Iggy whines that the Conservatives have only spent a portion of the "stimulus funds" (aka raised taxes and deficits) - so what, that can be seen as actually a good thing... how much has Iggy's hero Obama spent?! Maybe all of it doesn't NEED 'to be spent' - maybe we DON'T NEED these grand stimulus deficit-adding spending sprees, especially as both American and Canadian economists and bankers are saying there are signs of a recovery! Let's hear St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley complain about the "stimulus spending" in St. Catharines! Come on Jimmy - will you join in Iggy's and Gerard Kennedy's federal Liberal whining?? Gosh, Good Ole Jimmy's awful quiet about Iggy's and Gerry Kennedy's partisan bullshit. Let's hear newly-acclaimed St. Catharines federal Liberal candidate Andrew Gill whine about the spending in St. Catharines! Iggy whines about how everybody in the world - according to blustery Iggy! - knew about "the recession" - yet Iggy conveniently overlooks and doesn't mention why then Good Ole provincial Liberal Dwight Duncan keeps revising his ONTARIO LIBERAL deficits - now to some $18 BILLION!! Ignatieff selectively ignores the incompetence in his own Liberal-run province. Gosh, Iggy - why didn't Dunco or Dalton or Jimmy Bradley know about "the recession" - were McGuinty's Ontario Liberals deliberately lying when THEY understated their deficit projections?!
Oh, Iggy... you're so full of it.

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