Monday, September 21, 2009

Carolynn Ioanonni: another asinine Liberal health care obstructionist

Corey Larocque wrote in “Hudak wants to fix ‘broken’ health system, (Niagara Falls Review, Sept.18, 2009):
“Ontario needs an "overhaul" of the hospital administration structure that allowed the closure of emergency rooms at Douglas Memorial Hospital and Port Colborne General, says provincial Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.
But he won't commit to return to having hospitals run by local boards of directors, the way they were until the late 1990s when the previous Conservative government scrapped them.
"We're going to have to overhaul McGuinty's broken LHIN scheme," Hudak said in an interview Thursday.
Premier Dalton McGuinty's government created Local Health Integration Networks across the province to oversee the corporations that manage hospitals. There's a LHIN in each of 14 regions across the province, including one that serves Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand and Brant County.
"We oppose the LHIN's decision to close down the emergency rooms in those two hospitals," Hudak said.
He called it a "shame" the McGuinty government imposed a new health tax in its first budget in 2004, but is "ripping services" out of Niagara.
"Our most important goal is to hold this government to account and to fight the closure of these services in Niagara."
In creating LHINs, the government's goal was to decentralize some of the decision-making from the Ministry of Health in Toronto and put it closer to the regions where the hospitals operate.
But Hudak said it has created a level of unelected, "largely anonymous" bureaucrats who aren't accountable for their decisions.
Hudak made the comments to The Niagara Falls Review Thursday, the day after Conservative MPP John O'Toole made a statement in Queen's Park condemning the closure of the emergency rooms in Fort Erie and Port Colborne.
On Wednesday, a group of Fort Erie hospital supporters visited Queen's Park to put pressure on the government to intervene.
The Niagara Health System announced the controversial ER closures more than a year ago as part of its hospital improvement plan.
The improvement plan was ordered by the LHIN to get the NHS to balance its budget.
After a year of heated debate, community rallies -including one that led to arrests of three protestors -and intense political pressure, Douglas Memorial's emergency room is scheduled to be downgraded to an urgent care centre by the end of this month. Port Colborne's has already been converted.
A Conservative government would get advice from taxpayers and health-care professionals about what kind of administration structure would work better than a LHIN, Hudak said.
The controversy of the hospital improvement plan has left some local politicians questioning why decisions that affect individual communities like Fort Erie and Port Colborne have to be made by a regional corporation based in St. Catharines.
Niagara Falls Coun. Carolynn Ioannoni said she questioned Hudak during the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Ottawa in August.
She said she wanted Hudak to commit to abolishing the LHINs, if he becomes premier, and return to the way hospitals were managed by local boards.
Ioannoni reported to council Monday that Hudak gave a safe political answer, saying he would study the issue before agreeing to bring back the local board of directors system.
"The room was full of AMO (municipal) politicians and they kind of groaned. I was looking for a yes or no. The answer was really asinine," Ioannoni said.”
What’s truly asinine is Liberal-supporter Carolynn Ioanonni’s response to Hudak trying to open a local dialogue on the health care issue. Ioannonni is acting as a pathetic party partisan.

What’s asinine is Carolynn Ioanonni not understanding that her own ideological Liberal health care monopolists are the ones responsible for the health cuts in Niagara.

What’s asinine is Carolynn Ioanonni wanting to go to Liberal hack Dalton McGuinty for help – as if McGuinty had nothing to do with creating, funding, appointing, and directing the LHIN’s!!
That’s like going for help to the criminal extortionist who just robbed you.
South Niagara got hung out to dry by the Liberals - just ask the hoodwinked-by-his-own-Liberals buffoon Vance Badawey...


Liberal-supporter Ioanonni exemplifies the kind of groaning, "head-in-the-sand" health care monopolist mindset that Liberal MP Keith Martin presciently wrote about...



Ioanonni practises the kind of political hackery that the St. Catharines Standard wrote of in their Sept.5, 2009 editorial...


When did Ioanonni ever ask her own asinine Liberal health monopolists - Smitherman, Caplan, Bradley, Craitor, or McGuinty - to 'abolish the LHIN's'?!

Can Ioanonni publicly show she made the same demands of McGuinty's monopolist Liberal health-care-cutters and tax-increasers??

And, can Ioannoni provide public copies of the responses (if any!) that she received from them?!
In the 2015 federal election the obviously pink-Liberal Ioanonni ended up running for Thomas Mulcair's divisive NDP socialists in the Niagara Falls riding.

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