Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Elitist Iggy's Sudbury Manifesto: me want election

What a laugh the Sept.1, 2009 St. Catharines Standard's anonymously-written editorial was, titled "America's medicare debate could use a tranquilzer".

Someone needs to tell the writer (was it John Kastner?) that our health care is a failing monopoly, infested with politics. (It's so nice to see the Standard telling folks, hit with tax-increaser Dalton McGuinty's Liberal health-care-cuts in South Niagara, that they can "complain about it"! Hee hee - go ahead... complain! ...so what if McGuinty's secretive Liberal health care monopolists don't give a rat's ass?!)

Canada - good! America - bad! Vote Iggy! Me thump chest now!

Speaking of the Liberal Vulcan leader, Iggy's smug Sudbury Manifesto today was some load of Liberal crap to behold, wasn't it?

Iggy hasn't said one original word about health care reform since he was parachuted/elected in Etobicoke. No one knows what the hell Iggy's proposals are for Canadian health reform. All Iggy has is trite, vague rhetoric, and dark innuendo about Harper!

For starters: Iggy should publicly refute - or support - Liberal MP Keith Martin's sensible health reform ideas...


...before Iggy goes spouting his arrogant, baseless bullshit about Harper - whose government has wholeheartedly supported its CHA obligations!

We all know that in Canada, health care is a provincial responsibility - yet oddly, federal Liberal Ignatieff tellingly has not publicly spoken about what his provincial Liberal monopolist health-care-cutting-colleagues are doing in B.C. and in Ontario!!

What a flicking charlatan!

(Hey Iggy: if you want credibility regarding health care - you should publicly denounce health care cutter Liberal McGuinty's failing health monopoly here in your own province of Ontario, before you go spouting your Liberal bullshit across the country. Otherwise, Iggy, you're just another smarmy bag of Liberal crap.)

Iggy's Sudbury Manifesto statements made today regarding health care were contemptible - plain partisan pandering and hollow rhetoric: the same kind of tired second-rate crap we are used to getting from lower-level Liberal turds such as Ontario's MPP Good Ole Jim Bradley - or from status-quo-supporting editorialists at the St. Catharines Standard or the Toronto Red Star.
(Why doesn't Iggy talk to Chretien about the isotope issue? Seeing as Iggy wasn't living in Canada for a couple of decades, maybe Chretien can clue him into this Liberal-linked clusterf*#k!)

Come on, Mr. Ignatieff - publicly refute or support Keith Martin's health care reform ideas! Come on Iggy - dismiss and deride Liberal Keith Martin's views! Pretend they weren't written by a Liberal!

Come on, unknown St. Catharines Standard editorial writer - publicly denounce the late Suzanne Aucoin for daring to speak out about McGuinty's Ontario Liberal health care failures! Shona Holmes and Aucoin showed that McGuinty's Liberal-run health monopoly had severe shortcomings, that it didn't 'work well'.

Oh - and who cares anymore about what carnival sideshow barker Bill Clinton had to say at his half-empty appearance at Toronto's CNE on Aug.29?

Clinton, Iggy, and the St. Catharines Standard's LHIN-licking, Liberal-asskissing editorialist should read Charles Krauthammer's Aug.28, 2009 Washington Post article, "Obamacare: the only exit strategy", (see:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/27/AR2009082703262.html).

When Krauthammer talks about "bait and switch" health care in the U.S., this is the same Liberal healthcare duplicity that has been practised by Liberals in Canada for years! (see:http://rightinniagara.blogspot.com/2007/08/liberal-healthcare-duplicity-ontario.html)

Liberal Ignatieff sadly has shown himself to be just another health reform obstructionist.

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