Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ain't keen on Keenan's redundant columns

Ahh, it's nice to read  Mike Keenan's hack columns in the St.Catharines Standard, where he regularly loves to smarm Harper, or Stockwell Day, or G.W. Bush or Sarah Palin or Cheney. Tiresome, predictable, safe old hack stuff; guess every paper needs its lefty grump. Guess Keenan ain't too keen on examining the laugh-riot of Biden/ Can't find anything funnee in that, eh?! But guns n'Republicans... heeheeheee, this keener's on orange-alert fire, yessirreeee. Nothing hilarious about Iggy, huh, Mike? Can't bring yerself ta openly admit that Dalton McGuinty is a FLICKING Liberal liar, eh, Mike, but your innuendo about Harper being one is gold... gold, I tells ya...
Really, do you actually believe anything which McGuinty says anymore, Mike? Just checkin'...
Really, should anyone, um... actually like Keenan, a tasteless hack who can't bother to figure out that carbon dioxide is actually an odourless and colourless gas?
Actually, it is.
Really? Who actually knew?
Not Mike, actually.
Foul-smelling, actually, ya...

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