Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who is the "real boss" at the Niagara Health System?

Regarding Grant Lafleche's story "Meet the new boss", (St.Catharines Standard, Jan.29, 2011), it's quite clear that the 'new boss' is cut from the same cloth as the 'old boss'; that the 'new direction' is the same as the monopolist 'old direction'; that it's 'potatoe / pot-ah-toe' time at the NHS; and that this is nothing more than pre-election bait and switch in the Liberal government-run health monopoly.
Of course, Lafleche hasn't the time, or inclination, to tell us - seeing that Sue Matthews is as enthusiastic about the NHS's HIP plan as now-fired Debbie Sevenpifer ever was - why, then, was Sevenpifer thrown under the bus?
Why hasn't the rest of the NHS board resigned, or been fired?
Was Sevenpifer culpable of something, yet the rest of the board was somehow held harmless?! [...Remember when a Soviet-sounding-Smitherman, the Liberal health-care-cutter, was propagating the idea that this was a "people's system"?! But "the people" have no say in it, and have no right to even know why the NHS's CEO was fired!]
Why is the NHS not under a supervisor's control, whereby the ombudsman would have had the authority to fully scrutinize the NHS's past and present finances and governance models and the CEO's and boards' performance?
[Hmm, isn't "governance model of the NHS" Kim Craitor's favourite cry? So why was the proper way to get this independent investigation/ evaluation - by firing the entire NHS board and appointing a Supervisor - not been done by Craitor's own secretive Liberals?]
Not that Lafleche knows such answers, but, did this reporter even ask ?
Were any Liberals asked to comment on this health-care story?
Reading this article, there is no mention of the Liberal government's role in the change at the NHS. As we all should know by now, the so-called "boss" which Lafleche refers to in his story, is not a "boss" at all: the NHS is run, funded, and controlled by the monopolist Liberal government.
The real 'bosses' at the NHS are the Liberals; the NHS is a pawn of the Liberal government, and the NHS board and chair are merely government lackeys. Their 'independence' is a monopolist charade.
So maybe that's why the St.Catharines Standard can't bring itself to mention the local Liberals whose government actually controls the NHS, and, who are the real bosses of the NHS.
It's best to perpetuate the illusion that the "bosses" at the NHS are "real", and that the real bosses, Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley, have nothing to do with the NHS!
Why, reading Lafleche's article, one would be at a loss to figure out what, if anything, any Liberal could ever possibly have to do with anything at the NHS!!!!  [The St.Catharines Standard has demonstrated a clear propensity for protecting  local Liberal Jim Bradley's ass and treating him with kid-gloves, spinning stories so that Bradley either is made to look good, or, he's not mentioned at all.]
Why, this is all arm's length from Kimmy n' Jimmy! hahahaha!
The Liberal government has nothing to do with the NHS; or with the LHIN that oversees the NHS; or with the Ministry of Health which oversees the LHIN! hahahaha!
Look at how Lafleche writes that the HIP, "approved in 2008, repurposed emergency rooms in Port Colborne and Fort Erie into urgent-care centres". [..."Repurposed"?! That's a cute new euphemism for 'Two hospital emergency departments closed by McGuinty's Liberals". Seeing that this is an election year, apparently it's best not to mention the words Liberals, cut, or closed, in any health-care stories...]
Wow: no mention at all by Lafleche as to why or how this "repurposing' occurred!! Certainly, no Liberals were hurt by the spin of this velvet-gloved story!
The HIP was just magically "approved"?????!!!!!! Wow: approved by whom?! Lafleche doesn't quite get around to that.
Why wasn't George Smitherman's role as Liberal health minister mentioned, when Smitherman forced the Ministry of Health to force the LHIN to force the NHS to create the HIP?
Where was Lafleche's contextual explanation about how, after the HIP was created by the NHS (as it was told to do), that the HIP was subsequently approved by Dr.Jack Kitts, and then after that, also approved by the LHIN, which then ordered the NHS, under then-CEO Sevenpifer, to implement the HIP?
Lafleche also forgot to mention that subsequent Liberal health ministers David Caplan, and now Deb Matthews, both refused to stop or even reconsider the NHS's HIP.
So, yeah, believe it: this ole HIP plan just miraculously appeared one day, out of thin air, and was magically 'approved'!!
What could the Liberal government possibly have to do with any of this?!
It's best not to mention them at all!

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