Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buffalo N.Y. is now part of McGuinty-stan

Ontario's Premier Lying Liberal Dalton McGuinty has arbitrarily declared Buffalo N.Y. an honourary Ontario city, in some kind of bizarre attempt to show his support of the Canadian Juniors hockey team (Guess that McGuinty, ever the political opportunist, wanted to latch onto the popularity of the hockey series; but, as usual, anything these Liberal slimebags touch turns into a disaster... was Ole Jim Bradley in Buffalo for yesterday's game?!)
Anyway, next on the Liberals' takeover list - after declaring Buffalo as part of Canada - is Dalton McGuinty giving Ontario's health minister Deb Matthews the authority to charge all Buffalo, Ont. hospitals with violating the Canada Health Act, and of breaching Smitherman's Commitment To The Future of Medicare Act; now that they're in Ontario, all of these medical facilities will be found guilty of operating illegally.
Then, McGuinty's Ontario Liberals will nationalize all Buffalo medical institutions such as ECMC, Mercy and Kaleida's medical branches...
Looks like slick Ole McGuinty has found a new way to rationalize his patient-export policy, where Ontario patients are sent [or forced on their own] to another country for medical care which mysteriously can't be found in Ontario's Liberal state-controlled, single-payer, universal health-care monopoly.
McGuinty's got the solution: make Buffalo part of Ontario - problem solved!

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