Thursday, January 13, 2011

McGuinty ignores health-care reform

There was a good editorial about how Canada's health care system is now being seen as a cautionary tale by other Western nations: see "Why the Irish aren't impressed", (National Post, Jan.12, 2011)
This is about the kind of health care reform which Liberals such as Iggy and Ujjal "The Monopoly-Enforcing Incrementalist" Dosanjh don't want to talk about. Look what happened to former Liberal health minister Pierre Pettigrew when he dared to suggest even the slightest, mildest reforms to Canada's health-care statism - Paul Martin and his hypocritical Liberal government freaked out and forced Pettigrew to grovel and retract his comments.
The Canada Health Act needs reform: but which politicians have the fortitude to actually acknowledge this?
We've seen what the Liberals have done to their own "heretics", such as Pettigrew and Keith Martin.
Are our politicians abdicating their duties, ignoring reform and looking the other way, while patients trapped in our provincial health-care monopolies continue to suffer? Are these politicians simply waiting for the courts to do their job for them, to declare their respective provincial single-payer health monopolies as unconstitutional?
That's what Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley and Deb Matthews and Kim Craitor are doing in Ontario (while their federal Liberal buddy, Iggy, says nothing...): Ontario's Liberals are looking the other way, purposefully propagating their health-monopolism EVEN THOUGH DALTON McGUINTY HAS ALREADY ADMITTED (as had George Smitherman) that their ideological, single-payer Liberal health-care monopoly can't manage to do it all, nor can it serve all Ontario communities equally.
Yet, despite knowing this, McGuinty's Liberals continue to pretend that it does, and sadistically continue to deny Ontario patients the option of obtaining non-government-controlled health-care in Ontario, and continue to force other patients to get their necessary care in Buffalo and Detroit.

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