Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liberals 'absolutely committed' to lying about health care

The Petrolia Topic editorialized on Feb.2, 2011 in "Health care system needs work":

"Ontario Health and Long-Term Care Minister Deb Matthews said the province is "...absolutely committed" to keeping Petrolia's hospital emergency department open.
But a politician's promises are like eggs: They are both easily broken. And the ruling Liberals have broken many promises.

Matthews made the comment during a recent Lambton County visit, which included Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health.

The emergency department is being kept open with local and provincial doctors easing a chronic shortage of physicians.

The Feb. 2 regional round table discussion held in Petrolia by the Rural and Northern Health Care Panel was a chance for local health care consumers to speak their mind about this and other issues. The discussion is one of 11 regional meetings being held across the province and the panel's report and recommendations are expected later this year. The report will lead to a new rural and northern health care plan.

The executive summary of the panel's interim report lists many challenges in access to health care in rural areas. The summary says "...Local Health Integration Networks, as well as other stakeholders in the (health care) system, struggle to effectively provide services to rural, remote and northern communities."

That's a bit scary, since LHINs are responsible for co-ordinating health care services that meet the needs of local communities.

The summary also lists 12 major challenges in having a health care system that's available and accessible to rural people, including: limited sharing of health records and information among health care professionals; a physician shortage; centralization of the health care system; and a lack of rural perspective applied in planning at the provincial or LHIN levels.

Solving health care access issues in rural areas is a complex problem but steps are clearly needed to help the Erie-St. Clair LHIN and other stakeholders carry out their mandate.

Consulting rural communities is a good start but health care stakeholders must work together and the panel's recommendations must be implemented in a timely manner. And modernizing the health care network with an electronic medical records system is needed to make it more efficient.

Results of the Oct. 6 provincial election could throw a monkey wrench into plans. But at least everyone agrees the health care system is sick and needs to get better."

So: Petrolia remains open  [guess they didn't get their HIP directive from the LHIN yet...] - but the emergency departments in Fort Erie and Port Colborne were closed?!
McGuinty and Smitherman promised to keep them open, as well!!
The Liberals lied about that.
Deb Matthews and her Liberals are "absolutely committed" - to lying, and to enforcing a despotic, unmanageable, unaccountable, single-payer, state-controlled health care monopoly.
The reason that Fort Erie and Port Colborne were shut down is that McGuinty realized that they are closer to better health care in Buffalo.
And not everyone agrees that the health care system is "sick" - not one Liberal admits that!
Jim Bradley certainly won't!
And what's with the "chronic shortage of physicians" mentioned in this article? If you read the tax-payer-funded propaganda put out by Caroline Bourque at the Liberal-controlled NHS, you would be led to believe that there is NO doctor shortage!!
That's what devious Deb's sayin' as well!
What is truly sick is that editorials such as these are a dime-a-dozen throughout the province; they always dance around the edge of the issue, recognizing that there's a health care problem, yadda yadda.. yet they never quite get around to addressing the real problem: even though they realize that politicians lie, and admit they understand that McGuinty's Liberals have lied - these editorial writers never seem to correlate the idea that these VERY SAME POLITICAL LIARS run a no-patient-choice health-care MONOPOLY.
They are loathe to recognize that the real problem is that health care in Ontario is a puppet of state control. Get the liars and political opportunists away from controlling the health care system by de-monopolizing it.
Just get Dalton McGuinty and Deb Matthews and Jim Bradley the f*ck OUT of their cosy monopolist health care racket.
Deny the Liberals the ability to freely TAKE, and then SQUANDER, our money, while smugly pretending  to know 'what's best' for us.
As with many other health care editorials throughout Ontario (and as we've seen in St. Catharines as well) this one from Petrolia recognizes part of the problem; but then stands helplessly and confusedly on the edge, unable or unwilling to put the rest of the pieces together; clinging desperately to the belief that their preferred "solution" (specifically: single-payer, state-run health-care) somehow is not the actual problem.

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