Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obamacare - unconstitutional?? Who knew?!

Remember how the local Canadian press and leftist monopoly-pushers gobbled up and propagated Obama's grand health-care plans?
Amazing how now, when Obamacare has been declared unconstitutional, forcing it to a Supreme Court challenge, you can't find a single mention of these developments over at the St.Catharines Standard!!! Amazing how the Democrats' bait-and-switch health-care tactics in the States are now being, umm... 'overlooked' by the local press!
Waivers are being granted to millions of workers so that they could opt out of , ie, not be hurt by, Obamacare! Costs are going up, not down. Calls are being made for Obama's impeachment!
Why should any Canadian Obama-booster write about that?!

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